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70 Years Later: High School Diplomas Awarded to Four Air Force Veterans

When the‌ Springdale School ‍District celebrated the Class of 2022, they also recognized four⁢ exceptional individuals who would⁣ have graduated in 1956 had they not chosen to serve in the military.

Carl Stults, Bobby Burke, Charles Leroy Moon, and Bob ⁤Self, affectionately known as the “super seniors,” were awarded honorary diplomas alongside ⁤the 484‍ graduating seniors‌ of‍ Springdale High School.

These four men were seniors at the high school in 1956,‍ but unfortunately,‌ they did not ⁣receive their diplomas from⁣ the school.

“I took a GED test when I joined the⁣ Air‍ Force, but at the time, Springdale did not accept the GED as ​a valid diploma,” Self explained. “I ended up⁢ receiving a diploma ​from Little‍ Rock Central instead.”

It wasn’t until recently that the⁢ district discovered⁣ the oversight and decided to rectify it by including the⁢ super seniors in the graduation ⁢ceremony.

The inclusion of these veterans was a ‌pleasant⁣ surprise for‍ the graduating class, and it also served as a valuable lesson.

During the ceremony, Springdale Superintendent Jared Cleveland read letters from ⁣Governor Asa Hutchinson and U.S. Representative Steve Womack.

“These men served during ​the Korean conflict and beyond. They‍ didn’t think about themselves, they didn’t ask ‘What about me?'” Womack wrote. “They answered the call of duty. Is that not the true spirit of America?”

Educators also took the time to highlight each ​veteran’s accomplishments since joining the Air Force in⁣ 1956.

Although it took 66 years for these four men⁤ to ​receive their diplomas from their alma mater, ⁢it⁢ was a well-deserved recognition of their service and dedication.

Congratulations to ⁢all four veterans, and thank you for your selfless sacrifice! It is​ because of individuals​ like you that we are able to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities ​in our ‍country today.

Let’s take ⁤a moment to share and congratulate these men on their accomplishments ​and express our gratitude for their sacrifices.

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