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Attention Teens: Beware of Nutmeg and Spice! Mom’s Warning About Toxic Effects Will Shock You

A concerned mother from Georgia recently ⁣took to TikTok to warn other parents about a dangerous trend among teenagers – getting ⁣high by sniffing nutmeg. The now viral video explains that nutmeg, ‌a common spice found in most kitchen cupboards, can have ⁢a poisonous and potentially fatal effect ​when consumed in large quantities.

The video, shared ‌by a mother who goes by the handle Lakeview Living, has been viewed by almost 600,000 ‌internet users. In the clip, the mother expresses her⁣ concern about a new trend⁢ she discovered while⁣ talking to a teacher friend.

She explains that during‌ a routine backpack check, teachers found students carrying small bottles of nutmeg and claiming it was for a culinary class. However, when the teacher checked with the culinary instructor, she denied using nutmeg in any⁤ of her recipes. The school’s resource officer overheard the conversation and confiscated the nutmeg‍ from the students before⁤ suspending them.

The concerned mother​ also ‍adds a humorous jab at the​ students, saying, “Y’all can’t get ​your ​homework done, but you can figure out how to get high off of nutmeg? Make it make sense.”

But the issue of nutmeg​ intoxication is no laughing matter. According to Medical News Today, consuming large quantities of nutmeg (two teaspoons) can result in a “high” similar to that of hallucinogenic⁤ drugs.

This is because nutmeg⁤ contains a chemical compound called myristicin, which is‍ metabolized by the body into a psychedelic drug called methylenedioxyamphetamine (MMDA).​ Symptoms of nutmeg intoxication include drowsiness and hallucinations, and in some cases, it can be hazardous and even fatal.

The ‍mother’s followers on TikTok expressed their concern for⁤ this dangerous trend, with some sharing their own experiences with nutmeg intoxication. One user shared that it was a popular trend in their school back in‌ 2002, while another joked that it was a trend from the “Anarchist Cookbook.”

However, ⁣nutmeg ​intoxication is not a‌ new trend‌ and has been used as a drug for centuries. The Encyclopedia ⁢of Toxicology‌ reports⁣ that nutmeg seeds were used ⁣in ancient⁢ times as an aphrodisiac, abortifacient, and anti-flatulent, among other medicinal uses.

The concerned mother also expresses her ⁢frustration with the younger generation, saying, ⁢”Is‌ nothing sacred anymore?” But as one user pointed out, ‌nutmeg intoxication did not start in prisons, as some may believe. It has been used as a drug long before inmates learned of‍ its hallucinogenic properties.

In conclusion, the mother’s warning on TikTok serves as a reminder to parents to be aware of the dangerous trends that their children may be exposed to. It also highlights the importance of‌ educating teenagers‍ about the potential dangers of experimenting with substances like nutmeg. Let’s all work together to keep‌ our children⁤ safe and informed.

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