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Big News: Kelly Osbourne Reveals Exciting Update to Son Wilson’s Name!

When Kelly Osbourne and her partner Sid Wilson welcomed their first⁤ child in 2022, they⁤ decided to⁣ name him Sidney Wilson. However, there was one aspect of their son’s name that always bothered Osbourne, and she couldn’t convince ​Wilson to change it.

Continue reading to discover how the couple reached a compromise regarding their son’s name.

During a⁢ recent episode of “The Osbournes” podcast, 39-year-old Osbourne ​recalled the biggest argument she and her partner ever had.

“I wanted our ⁣son to have both of our last names, but (Sid) wouldn’t agree,” she shared. “We had a huge fight.‌ I felt like I was ⁣being forced into something I didn’t want to do, ⁢and I can never forgive him for that, but we can move forward.”

Despite Wilson’s insistence‍ on using ⁣only his surname for their child, Osbourne held onto hope that she could⁤ eventually change his mind. However, ⁤it would take a lot of effort ⁣and persuasion.

“After numerous eye-opening discussions and couples therapy, he finally saw my perspective,⁣ and we have decided to legally change our son’s name to include ​both of our last ⁤names.”

“We both played a role in creating our child, so it’s only‌ fair that he carries both of our⁣ last names,” she explained.

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