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Bradley Cooper Faces Backlash for Bringing 83-Year-Old Mom to Oscars: Is He a Mama’s Boy

The Oscars are known⁤ for their glitz and glam, but it can take a few days to fully process all that happens⁣ during the ceremony. From the success of Oppenheimer to John Cena’s bold stage walk and ⁢Al Pacino’s​ decision to skip the nominations, there were plenty of major talking points that quickly made headlines ‌around the⁢ world.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 10: (L-R) Bradley Cooper and Gloria Campano attend the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10, 2024 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

However, there was one heartwarming moment involving actor Bradley Cooper that seemed to go unnoticed. Thankfully,⁢ it’s now gaining the online attention it deserves. ⁣And regardless of the few naysayers, we believe it’s a truly heartwarming story.

If you’re a fan of Cooper, you may have heard the recent rumors ⁢about him dating Gigi Hadid. According to a source, “Bradley and Gigi are‌ both genuinely so happy. ​They’re having a⁢ great time together,⁤ doing well as ‌a couple,⁤ and co-parenting healthily on both‌ sides.”

But despite these rumors, Hadid did not attend the 96th Academy Awards with Cooper. ‌Instead, another special lady walked​ the red carpet by his side – ⁤his 83-year-old mother, Gloria Campano.

Cooper, who was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Maestro, looked dashing in a double-breasted black suit from Louis Vuitton. But it was his mother who⁢ stole the show at the Dolby Theater.

As soon as pictures of the mother-son‌ duo hit​ social ⁢media, people ‌expressed their ⁣delight. “This is cute. He ⁣looks like his mom too,” one fan wrote. ⁤”Anyone that brings their mom to an ​awards show is a winner⁣ in my ​book,” another added. And ‌a third commented, “He loves his mom so much. Amazing son. ❤him 🙏”

Unfortunately, there were​ also detractors who tried to criticize Cooper’s decision ⁤to take his mother to the Oscars. Some even went as far as calling it “creepy.” “Again?? Cmon, it’s getting‍ kinda creepy,” one person wrote on People’s Instagram post of Cooper and his mom.⁤ “Again? Getting kinda weird now,” another chimed. And a third added, “Good grief, ⁤can’t he get‍ another ‌date?…Mama’s boy.”

Now, let’s be clear – there is absolutely nothing wrong with a celebrity choosing to take their mother to the world’s most prestigious awards ceremony. In fact, many of us would probably do the same if we were⁢ in Cooper’s shoes.

According ​to reports, Cooper and Campano share a special bond, which is evident in​ the fact⁣ that she recently ⁢moved​ into her son’s LA home. “I love having my mother living with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cooper shared. The actor ⁣also reportedly invites his mother to join him ​on some of his travels.

What do you think about Cooper taking his mother to the 2024 Oscars? Let us⁣ know in ​the comments.

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