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Breaking Barriers: How One Black Couple Adopted Three White Children and Proved Families Don’t Have to Match

Sadie and Jarvis​ Sampson had been trying to conceive for years,⁢ but despite their efforts, they‌ were unable to get pregnant. They tried‌ everything, from ⁣ovulation ⁢tests to fertility monitors, and even sought advice from friends ​and family.

After 14 months of trying, they decided to seek medical‌ help, but doctors only advised Sadie to lose weight in order to increase her chances of conceiving. She underwent gastric surgery and lost 28 pounds, but still, they were ⁤unable to get pregnant. ⁤Feeling defeated, they‌ resigned themselves to the idea that they would only ever be an aunt and uncle to their nieces and godparents to their goddaughters.

But just⁣ when they had given up hope, they received ‌a text​ that changed their lives overnight. A friend asked if they would consider​ fostering ⁤a‍ baby whose mother was ‍seeking⁢ treatment.

The couple was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed to take care of the baby. ⁤However,​ shortly after, the ⁢birth mother decided to give ‍the⁢ baby up for adoption, and Sadie and Jarvis were asked if they would like to⁣ be the baby’s parents. Overjoyed, they accepted and became parents overnight.

Their baby ⁤boy, Ezra Lee, was born seven⁢ weeks premature and ⁣weighed only 4 lbs., 5 ⁤oz. Despite his small⁣ size and the ​challenges he⁣ faced, he ‌was ⁣the⁤ most adorable ‌baby the couple had ever seen.

They shared their news on social media and were ⁤overwhelmed by the support and love they received from their community. In⁣ October‌ 2020, ⁢Ezra’s ​adoption was finalized, and the couple had the most heartwarming photos taken of them as a family.

But their journey⁢ to parenthood didn’t end ​there. In​ 2021,⁤ Sadie and Jarvis became parents to twin girls, Journee and Destinee, through embryo ​donation. Staying true to their family motto, “Families don’t have to match,” the​ couple welcomed three white children into their black family.

Their story‍ is one of⁣ love, hope, and resilience. Despite facing challenges and⁤ setbacks, Sadie‍ and Jarvis never gave up on ‌their dream of becoming parents. And now, they have a beautiful and diverse family that is⁢ built on the strongest foundation of⁣ all – love.

This inspiring story serves ⁤as a reminder that⁢ families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and that love‍ knows no boundaries. Sadie and Jarvis have a lot to ⁣teach⁣ the world about acceptance, love, and the true meaning of family. Let us all ⁤celebrate their journey and share their story with others.

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