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Children Find Hope with a Loving Single Father Ready to Adopt Them

Peter Mutabazi is not your average ⁢dad. He is​ a single Black ‌father ⁤who has fostered 36 children and recently added two more to his loving ⁤family. His ⁣inspiring journey⁣ as⁣ a foster⁣ dad is shared through his Instagram handle, ‍@fosterdadflipper, ⁣where he hopes‌ to inspire other men to step up and ⁣be active, loving fathers.‍ But Peter’s mission⁤ goes beyond just⁤ being a ⁤foster⁣ parent; he⁢ is deeply committed to ‍reuniting foster children with‌ their biological parents and providing ⁢a loving, ⁢stable home​ for children, regardless ⁢of their skin color.


In‍ 2019, Peter adopted his first child, 17-year-old Anthony⁣ Mutabazi, and just recently ‍welcomed 8-year-old‍ Isabella and 7-year-old Luke into his home. “It’s absolutely a⁤ joy,” the 49-year-old dad ⁤shares with PEOPLE. “I can be their‌ forever home.”

Peter’s ‌journey as a⁣ foster dad began when ‍he opened his home to ‍5-year-old ⁣Brenlynn‌ and‍ 4-year-old Koleman in ⁤May 2020. ‍These ‍children, affected by their ‍parents’ ⁣drug-related⁣ neglect, were initially meant to stay with Peter for just four‌ months.


However, as months rolled ​on, their biological parents became⁣ distant, ceasing visits and calls. By April 2023, the biological parents’ rights were terminated,​ and Peter ⁢officially became their dad.

But the ‌weight ‌of the children’s loss was palpable.⁣ “I cried all day,” Peter⁣ admits.⁤ “The kids literally have⁣ a parent‍ they dreamt could come ‍back for ⁣them. But they’ve just​ given up. It’s a loss. I⁢ felt the loss for​ them.”


Despite‌ the challenges, Peter remains dedicated to providing a loving, stable home for children in need. He has even ⁤welcomed two refugee siblings from Senegal, emphasizing that they have a ⁣mom who loves them. Through his Instagram, Peter shares⁣ his ‌journey as a​ foster dad,​ using pseudonyms and‌ sunglasses to ⁢protect the identities of⁤ his foster ‍children.

Peter’s⁢ mission⁢ is clear: to⁤ provide a loving, stable home for ‌children, regardless of their​ skin color. “They’re white, I’m Black, but somehow we⁢ can ⁤still provide ⁢that normalcy‌ and what every ⁣child needs: A family,” he says.


In addition to being a foster dad, Peter has also penned a book titled “Now I Am Known” and founded a charity to support foster children. His⁤ hope for the future ⁣is to foster⁢ and‌ adopt‍ even more children, stating, “There’s so many kids that need a‌ home. If I can help two ​more, I’ll be more​ than happy.”

To learn more about⁤ Peter’s inspiring story and when he adopted his first child, Anthony, watch the video​ below. And don’t forget to‍ share this remarkable story with your friends and family. Together, we can make a difference in⁢ the lives of foster children and their families.

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