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Controversial Sign Sparks Debate at Wisconsin Dairy Queen – Owner Stands Firm

A Dairy Queen establishment in Wisconsin⁤ has gained widespread attention ​after a sign​ displayed in its front window went viral.

According to WDJT, the​ sign hanging in the front window of the Kewaskum, Wisconsin Dairy‌ Queen states ‌that the restaurant ⁤is “politically incorrect” and proudly proclaims “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America,” among ‍other phrases.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The sign also mentions⁣ that​ the restaurant salutes the flag, gives thanks to the troops, and offers free sundaes to military veterans on Veterans Day.

Franchise owner Kevin Scheunemann explains that he hung the sign nearly four years ago after ‌a customer complained about music playing in the restaurant. He believes that displaying the sign is a way‍ to be transparent about the owner‌ and staff’s support for God and country. He also notes that these values and principles are

a big part of our American identity and it’s important to honor and respect them.”

Google Maps via Daily Mail

Scheunemann further adds that the response to the sign has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers expressing their appreciation for the restaurant’s patriotic stance. He proudly states, “We have seen many veterans come in and enjoy a free sundae, and it warms our hearts to be able to show our gratitude to those who have served our country.”

In addition to the free sundaes on Veterans Day, the restaurant also offers a discount to active duty and retired military personnel year-round as a way to show their appreciation for their service and sacrifice.
As for the original complaint about the music, Scheunemann says that while they still play religious music, he understands that not everyone may share the same beliefs. However, he stands firm in his decision to display the sign, stating that “it’s not about religion, it’s about honoring our country and those who defend it.”

The sign continues to hang proudly in the restaurant, serving as a reminder of the values and principles that the establishment stands for. And while some may see it as controversial, Scheunemann believes that it’s important to stand up for what you believe in, especially when it comes to supporting the brave men and women who protect our freedom.

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