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Controversial Teen Stuns and Divides the Internet with Bold Ballgown Choice

16-year-old Korben White made headlines ⁣when ⁤he showed up to his high⁤ school prom in a stunning red ⁣ballgown,​ paired​ with ​a tuxedo top that ⁣matched his scarlet-colored ​hair. The viral post, shared by his mother ​Nina Green, received both ​praise ⁤and criticism from the public.

According to Green, Korben had expressed his ‌desire to attend prom in a gown⁢ when he was​ only​ 12 ⁢years old. Four years later, he made it happen and ⁤was met with‌ a‍ positive reception from both ⁢staff‍ and students at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk.

Inspired by American actor Billy Porter, Korben wanted to express his feminine side while ⁢still being true ⁣to​ himself. And when he ⁣stepped⁢ out of the car in his sparkly red outfit, the crowd cheered and his mother couldn’t help but cry ​tears of ‍joy.

Green’s tweet about her son’s​ prom outfit‍ gained ‍a lot of attention,‌ with millions of users around the ‌world‌ sharing, commenting, and ‌complimenting the handsome young⁢ man. Even ‌Michelle Visage, a judge​ on RuPaul’s Drag Race, praised Korben and ​his supportive mother.

While the majority of ⁢the responses were positive and supportive, there were also some negative‌ comments that showed the ongoing struggle for acceptance and‍ understanding‌ of gender expression.

Despite⁣ the hate, Green‌ remained ​a steadfast warrior of support for her son. She even accompanied him to ​London Pride the day after ⁢her tweet ​went viral, showing that she will continue to support and celebrate her son no matter what.

Green hopes that ‍her story will ​encourage other ⁢parents to accept and celebrate their children for‌ who they⁢ are, and for young people to know that there is ⁢a network of support available to them.

Korben White is a brave young man for expressing himself in a way that⁣ makes him happy, and he is lucky to have a ​supportive mother who ‍stands ⁤by him. What do you think about ⁣teens attending prom in outfits‌ that don’t conform to their ‍assigned gender? Share this story and let’s ⁢see‍ what others have to say!

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