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Controversy Surrounds Newlyweds’ Budget-Savvy Wedding Planning

A Unique and Affordable Wedding at​ TGI Fridays:⁣ A Couple’s Unconventional Approach

Jake Richardson, 32, and his bride ‌Natalie, 31, from‍ Prestwich, Manchester, had⁤ a unique and affordable wedding at TGI ⁣Fridays.⁤ The couple managed to keep their wedding expenses to a minimal ⁢$1,500 by hosting their reception⁣ at⁢ the‌ popular restaurant chain and asking guests to pay for their own meals. This unconventional approach allowed them to save money for their future home, while also holding‌ sentimental value as TGI Fridays was the place of their ⁣first date a decade ago.

A First‍ for TGI Fridays

On their‍ big day, the newlyweds were joined⁢ by 60 of their‍ close friends and family, as‍ well as other‌ diners who happened ‌to⁣ be at the restaurant.⁣ This unique wedding ‌reception experience marked a first for TGI Fridays, as the restaurant‍ was transformed into ‌a ‌wedding venue, complete with speeches, a photographer, and traditional decorations.

Jake ⁤Richardson shared, “We were never going to afford a⁣ luxury wedding, ‍so we’d rather save money for a house. Our first date was there, so ⁢we thought, ‘Let’s just get it done there.’” This decision allowed⁤ the couple to have a ​memorable and meaningful wedding without‌ breaking the⁢ bank.

A Frugal Wedding with ⁣a Personal Touch

The couple’s frugal wedding‌ only cost them $1,560, which stands in stark contrast to the ‌UK’s average wedding cost of $19,184, as reported by‍ Bridebook. Their largest expense ​was Natalie’s beautiful wedding dress, which amounted to $900. ⁣However, the bride chose to wear ⁢white ​trainers instead of traditional heels for comfort on her special day.

The ⁤official marriage ceremony took place‌ at ⁤Rochdale Register Office, costing them a total of £360. Additional​ expenses covered Natalie’s hair and makeup as well as bunting to adorn their TGI Fridays ‍reception. This personal touch ‍added to the uniqueness⁣ of their wedding day.

A Well-Received⁤ Unconventional Approach

The couple’s unconventional⁣ approach to their wedding⁤ day was well-received by their guests, and TGI⁤ Fridays​ was delighted to ⁤be a part of their celebration. Rhiannon Scarlett from TGI Fridays expressed their excitement about being a part of Jake and Natalie’s unique wedding⁢ story.

However, asking guests ​to pay ​for ⁢their own meals at a‍ wedding⁢ can⁣ be a divisive choice.​ In the past, a bride-to-be faced criticism when she considered asking her loved ones to contribute financially rather⁣ than giving traditional wedding gifts. Many⁣ people⁢ voiced their disapproval of this idea, emphasizing that guests​ should not be expected to pay for their own⁣ meals when attending a wedding.

Prioritizing ​Love and Future Together

Despite the mixed reactions to ‍their approach, Jake and Natalie’s wedding at TGI Fridays allowed them to celebrate their love while keeping their wedding expenses to a minimum. They prioritized their future together over extravagant wedding costs, showing that a meaningful and memorable wedding does not have to come with ‌a hefty price tag. ‌With ⁣their unique and affordable‌ wedding, this couple has set an example ⁣for others to think outside the⁢ box and create a wedding⁤ that truly reflects their love and values.

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