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Daughter’s Emotional Tweet Draws Crowds to Taco Truck – Here’s Why!

Giselle Aviles,⁣ a 21-year-old woman from Texas, was heartbroken when she learned about⁤ the struggles her father’s taco⁢ truck business was ⁤facing. Despite having a close ‍relationship with⁢ her⁤ father, Giselle‌ had no ​idea how dire the situation had become until⁣ she ⁢asked him about his workday. For weeks, ‌sales ⁢had been ‍plummeting, with some days ‍only bringing in $20 or $40. And ⁢just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did.

Elias Aviles (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After a full ‍day of work on his taco truck,⁣ Giselle’s father shared the devastating news that he had only earned $6 for the entire day. This was a huge blow to the family, and Giselle knew she had to do something​ to help her hardworking​ dad. With​ her father’s business struggling, Giselle turned to social media for help.

Having worked in the restaurant ‌industry his whole life, Giselle’s father, Elias, ⁢was no stranger to the challenges that came with it. ⁣After the family’s⁣ brick-and-mortar restaurant closed due to the 2008 economic crash, Elias decided to open a Mexican street taco food truck. The business had been doing well for about six years, but recently, sales ‍had taken a sharp decline.

Giselle Aviles reached out to the Twitterverse for help. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Not understanding the power of social media, Elias was unsure of what to expect when Giselle⁤ posted a plea⁢ for help on Twitter. She shared the heartbreaking news of her father’s struggling business and asked for people to retweet and support his taco truck, Taqueria El Torito, ‌in Humble,⁢ Texas.

To Giselle’s surprise, her post quickly went viral, with thousands of retweets and an outpouring of support. The next day, when Elias arrived at his food truck, he was greeted by a long ⁣line of customers, some ​of whom ⁤had been ​waiting since 6 ⁤a.m.​ The response was overwhelming, and the taco truck‌ had⁢ to close ⁢twice to restock and ⁣eventually sold out completely. Giselle even had to help her father​ keep up with the orders.

Tacos from Taqueria El Torito in Humble, Texas (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Despite having to close an hour early due to running out of‌ food, Giselle estimated that her father served over 100 customers that ‍day, all thanks to her⁢ desperate social media⁢ plea. The busy days​ continued throughout the ⁢week, and⁣ Giselle took to social media once again to express her gratitude and announce that they were looking to hire more workers due ⁣to the increase in business.

The response and support from the community were beyond what​ Giselle could have imagined, and she was grateful for the power of social media to bring in new customers and‍ help her father’s ‍business.

In response to Giselle Aviles’ post, scores of people flooded her dad’s taco truck the next day. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was a heartwarming example of how a simple tweet can make a ‍significant impact and bring a community together to support a struggling ​family-run business.

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