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Discover the Shocking Contents of a Celeb’s Deserted Private Plane!

Auction Set for Elvis Presley’s Abandoned Private Plane in ‍New ​Mexico Desert

After being⁤ abandoned in a New‌ Mexico desert for over three ‌decades, Elvis Presley’s private plane, a 1962 Lockheed ⁤1329 Jetstar, is set to go up for auction ⁤in the coming weeks. The aircraft, which ​has‌ been resting‌ in an “aircraft graveyard” for years, was largely forgotten by its owner and the general public. However, it is now expected to fetch a hefty sum at the auction⁣ block, according to Mecum Auctions.

Despite its poor condition, the buyer⁤ of the plane will have the opportunity to restore it to its⁤ former glory with enough ⁢effort⁣ and ​repairs. This ⁢particular aircraft ​is one of only⁤ three that Elvis Presley ⁤owned during ‍his lifetime, having⁤ purchased it for $840,000 in 1976, just‍ one year before his tragic ​passing.

The auctioneers are ‌eager to sell Presley’s aircraft to someone who ⁣will bring it back to‌ its former glory, ⁢just as it was when it was owned by the ⁤King of Rock and Roll himself.

“Elvis and his impact on the music industry are known worldwide, and⁣ this chance for a new​ owner to acquire a lavish piece‌ of his aviation history is a momentous occasion with endless possibilities for flights of rock ‘n’ roll​ fancy,”‍ the listing reads.

This is not the‌ first‌ time that Presley’s Jetstar⁤ has gone ‌up for auction. In 2017, it was sold for $430,000. It is unclear ‍why it is being auctioned off again‌ so soon, but it is expected to fetch ‌a significant amount for the auctioneers who are eager to get the ⁣bidding started. However, ​the plane‌ does ​require a ⁢new ‍engine if it is to fly⁢ again.

Despite ⁣its need for repairs, the 1970s jet is⁤ filled with nostalgic charm, including red velvet seats and a cassette player.

Presley’s ⁣airplane was one of ⁣only 204 planes ⁣produced through a ‍partnership between Lockheed and Jetstar from​ 1957 ‌to 1978.

“With a busy touring schedule, these aircraft were essential for transporting the ⁤singer, ⁤his TCB band, backup groups,⁢ Col.⁣ Tom Parker, and the ever-present Memphis Mafia to venues,‍ concerts, and appearances all‌ around the country,” the listing explains.​ “Elvis kept​ several pilots ⁣on retainer, ready to fly him to adoring fans ​at‌ a moment’s notice.”

Elvis Presley was a legendary figure ‍in the music industry, starring in over 33 movies ⁤and selling over a billion records. He was known for his talent, deep voice,​ and self-deprecating humor. He was also married ​to Priscilla Presley ⁣for ⁤several years.

However, at ⁣the ⁢time of purchasing this airplane, Presley’s life ‌was in a downward spiral.⁤ He struggled⁤ with addiction and health issues, stumbling, slurring, ⁢and struggling to breathe normally ​in⁣ the last​ weeks of his life. It was reported that he fell into ‌a ⁤deep pit of addiction after ⁢being prescribed medication in 1972.

In conclusion, the upcoming auction of Elvis Presley’s abandoned​ private​ plane⁢ is a significant event for fans and aviation enthusiasts alike. With its rich history⁢ and potential for restoration, it is‌ sure to​ attract a lot of attention ‌and a high price​ tag.

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