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Discover the Surprising Reason Tim Allen Has Never Fully Trusted Anyone Like His “Toy Story” Partner Tom Hanks

Tim Allen is a household name, known ⁢for his iconic roles in​ movies and TV ‍shows. However, there⁣ is one person​ in the entertainment​ industry who stands out as his closest friend and confidant – Tom Hanks. In a recent interview, Allen opened‌ up about their friendship and how it has ⁢stood ⁢the test of ‌time.

From​ their first collaboration in the beloved movie “Toy ⁣Story” to their recent outings together, Allen and Hanks have⁢ formed a bond that goes beyond their on-screen personas. Despite their differing ‌opinions on various matters, Allen admires Hanks for his heart and mind, and trusts ⁤him more than anyone else in⁤ the⁤ industry.

Their friendship has been going strong for decades, with the two meeting for ​lunch twice⁣ a year since the first “Toy Story” movie. Allen even‌ jokes that they sit too close to each other at the booth, ⁢like two older women.‍ But their friendship goes beyond just sharing meals – Hanks has been a ​listening ear for Allen and has helped him see things from a different​ perspective.

In fact, during the filming of “Toy Story,” ‌Hanks even helped himself ⁣to fries from Allen’s plate, something that Allen was not used‍ to as ⁢he grew up in a home where that wasn’t a common practice. But their friendship is ​built on mutual respect‍ and understanding, despite their differences.

It’s heartwarming to see two successful ​and likable men‌ form such a close bond in an industry that can often be cutthroat. Both Allen and Hanks‍ have managed to stay relatively free of controversy, ​which speaks volumes about⁣ their moral character.

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