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Discover the Surprising Reason Why You Should Always Avoid Self-Checkout at the Store, According to a Lawyer

The‍ rise⁢ of self-checkout machines ‌in retail stores has been ‍a hot topic for the past three decades,‌ with major chains ⁣like Walmart and CVS implementing them in their stores. While‌ these machines are ⁢marketed as a way to increase efficiency and ‌reduce wait times for customers, the reality is that they often cause more problems than they solve.

It’s​ no secret that self-checkout machines are a source of frustration for many shoppers. But what many​ people don’t know is that these ⁣machines ⁢were primarily introduced to save‌ companies money on ⁤labor costs.‌ According to Sylvain Charlebois, director ⁣of the Agri-Food ⁢Analytics Lab at Dalhousie ​University,‌ the decision to implement self-checkout machines was not customer-focused, ⁣but rather driven by economics. This explains why ⁢customers have always had ⁤a negative attitude towards these⁣ machines.

In fact,‍ studies‍ have shown that companies‍ can save up to sixty-six percent by replacing a cashier with⁣ a ⁤self-checkout machine. This is why major retailers​ like Walmart and Target continue to invest in these ⁢machines, despite‌ the numerous⁢ issues they cause.

One of​ the biggest problems with self-checkout machines is their frequent malfunctioning. A CNN report found that as many as 67 percent of shoppers who use self-checkout machines have experienced issues with ‍them. This often ‍leads to the need for a human worker to intervene, defeating the ⁣purpose of having a self-service‌ option.

But the issues with self-checkout machines go beyond ‍just inconvenience. In order to make up for the cost of implementing these​ machines, some retailers have​ resorted to accusing innocent customers of theft or shoplifting. Criminal defense attorney Carrie Jernigan, who has a large following on the‌ social media app TikTok,⁢ recently warned her followers to avoid using self-checkout machines. She revealed ⁢that big box stores like Walmart are quick to accuse customers of theft, even if it was an honest mistake.

Jernigan explained that⁤ these retailers ⁣will go to great lengths to make their self-checkout machines profitable, even if it means⁤ targeting their own customers. They ⁤will review hours of surveillance footage to find any discrepancies, ⁤and then use minimal evidence to ⁢file charges that could result in jail ​time.

In other words, using a self-checkout machine is a ‌risky move. You could ‍end up facing serious consequences ⁤for a ⁢simple ⁢mistake,⁣ all in the name of saving ‌a few minutes at the checkout line.

In conclusion, while‌ self-checkout machines may seem like a convenient option, the reality is that they often cause‌ more harm than good. From malfunctioning to false‍ accusations, these machines have proven ⁤to be a ⁤headache ​for both ‍retailers and ⁣customers. It’s important ​to be ‍aware of the‌ potential​ risks and to consider⁢ using a traditional checkout lane ​instead.

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