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Exclusive Interview: Man Reveals What Really Happened When He Caught Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Farm Shop

The man who captured Kate ‍Middleton⁣ and Prince William on camera for the​ first⁣ time since the Duchess underwent abdominal ‌surgery in January is⁤ speaking out.

Nelson Silva, a 40-year-old man, was shopping at the Windsor Farm ‌Shop ‍on‍ Saturday afternoon when⁢ he spotted the royal couple near the bread section.⁣ It wasn’t⁤ until the woman turned her head that Silva realized he ⁣recognized her.

He ended up standing behind the couple in the meat section and witnessed them interacting with the staff.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Although ‌he couldn’t hear their conversation, Silva could tell‍ that the staff was overwhelmed in a positive‌ way. When he went to pay for his produce, the cashier was so shocked that ‌she could hardly breathe, according‍ to Silva’s‍ interview with The Sun.

“The atmosphere in the shop was very exciting.​ It was a really nice experience,” Silva said.

Silva, who⁢ claimed he had no idea “Kate was so much in the news”, then went outside to take a short ​video for his family in Portugal.

“I started recording as they walked towards the​ car park. They looked very happy and ‍relaxed together,” he said. “William was obviously protective of Kate and⁣ I quickly stopped recording ‌because I didn’t want ​to⁣ make them uncomfortable.”

After sharing the clip with his family over WhatsApp, they were shocked⁤ to see the Duchess alive and well.

“They‌ were like, ‘Oh god, she’s ​alive! She hasn’t been ‌seen since last year’. I’m not really into ​gossip ‌and⁢ celebrities, I prefer to go fishing and tend to my allotment,” Silva said.

It wasn’t until his family ‌and a colleague brought it ⁢up that Silva realized his video could debunk the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding Middleton’s ​health and ⁤whereabouts.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

“I feel for ‌Kate, after ‍seeing her,​ it really⁤ hit me that these are just ⁢two ⁤human ⁢beings,” he said. “This is a mother who has had an operation and people should not be speaking ⁤about her in this manner.”

Silva also expressed his disappointment in those who spread negative rumors⁢ and theories for attention and likes.

“Kate just wanted to take a walk with her husband. She looks well. It’s⁤ time to put⁢ an end ‌to ⁤these rumors,” he said.

Middleton’s last public appearance was on Day, just a few weeks before her planned abdominal surgery. Kensington Palace had⁣ announced that she would not return to public duties until Easter.

Let’s put an end to the rumors and give Kate the privacy and respect she deserves. Share your thoughts on this matter.

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