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Fallen Hero: Bikers Pay Tribute to Lonely Marine with Heartfelt Farewell

The passing of ⁢Robert Krause, a homeless and unclaimed Marine, was a tragic reminder of the sacrifices made by our‌ nation’s⁤ veterans. But⁤ thanks ⁢to⁣ a ‍group ‍of ​”biker veterans,” Krause was⁣ given a dignified farewell.

Nicolas Morales of the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association (Credit: YouTube)

Krause,‌ who ⁤served in ⁢the⁣ Marine ​Corps in the⁢ 1950s,⁣ passed away without any surviving relatives ⁤or⁣ a place to ⁤call⁣ home. This meant that ​he would be⁣ laid to rest without any recognition, joining the thousands of homeless veterans who die ‍alone each year.

However, Marine Corps and US ‍Army veteran⁣ Nick Morales, along with other members of ⁢the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, refused⁢ to let⁢ Krause be buried without a proper tribute. They believe⁣ that every veteran, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a funeral with dignity.

Biker veterans escort the casket of Marine Robert Krause (Credit: YouTube)

According‍ to Fox13, Morales ‍and his fellow riders escorted Krause’s hearse from the James ⁢A. Haley⁢ VA Hospital ‍in Tampa ⁤to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. This act of respect and honor⁣ was a small gesture to show‍ their appreciation for Krause’s service to his country.

David Allen, a ‍member of the biker club, was⁢ moved to⁢ action after learning that a dozen or more veterans pass away unclaimed each year in the Tampa Bay ⁣area alone. He believes that it is their ‌duty as fellow veterans ⁢to ensure that no one is laid to‍ rest without someone present⁣ to honor their memory.

Biker veterans escort the vehicle carrying Marine Robert Krause’s casket in a “rolling tribute.” (Credit: YouTube)

“Our motto‍ is ‘vets helping vets,'” said Morales. “We’re not going to let any vet go to their final resting⁤ place by ‌themselves. We all have a common bond of service – our​ service, what we’ve done for our country. And regardless of what⁢ we’ve done ⁣after our service, we still ⁣have that‍ bond.”

The Florida⁢ National Cemetery holds a group service for indigent and unclaimed veterans every quarter, but they‍ also welcome individual services, ⁢as ‍reported by Fox13. This is a⁢ small but meaningful way ⁤to honor those who have served ⁤our country ⁤and ensure ⁣that they are not forgotten.

Biker veterans salute in front of Marine Robert Krause’s casket (Credit: YouTube)

Sadly, Krause is‌ not the⁣ only homeless veteran to die ​alone. In fact, the ‌military has a term for it: “unclaimed veteran.”⁢ Another veteran, Lieutenant Richard Butterfield, also passed away without any family or friends⁤ to claim his body. But thanks ‌to ⁣the “Homeless Veterans Burial Program,” over 100 people attended his service ⁣at the Georgia National Cemetery, as reported by Alive11 News.

Butterfield, who served in Vietnam from‍ 1960 to 1968, was honorably discharged from the Marines. After that, he disappeared and lived a life of homelessness and‌ isolation. ‌But ​on the ⁤day of his funeral,‌ he was‌ surrounded by his brothers in arms, ⁢who came to pay their respects and honor ⁤his memory.

Today,‍ we may not ​know⁣ the names ⁣or stories of all the ⁣homeless veterans who have passed away, but we can honor their service ​and sacrifice by ensuring that they are not‍ forgotten. Thanks to the efforts of​ biker veterans ‍like Nick ⁣Morales and David Allen, these heroes are given the dignified farewell they deserve.

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