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Fans React to Reba McEntire’s Bold New Look at 68 – What Do You Think

Country music legend Reba McEntire recently caused a stir on social media with her ​latest hairstyle, which received both praise ⁢and criticism from ‌her followers.

However, this is not the first time the iconic star has switched ‌up‌ her⁣ look.

Known for her ‍fiery red curls and dynamic stage presence, McEntire has always been one ⁢to ⁤take⁤ risks with her appearance. In fact, ‌she​ has experimented with different hairstyles throughout her career.

Most‍ recently, ‌the 68-year-old debuted a straighter hairstyle in a playful Instagram video where she ‌explored the dressing room of The Voice judges‌ Dan ‌Smyers and Shay‌ Mooney,‌ also known as the pop duo Dan + Shay, during the show’s 25th season.

While the video was meant to showcase McEntire’s ‌comedic side, it⁤ also brought attention ​to her new hairdo.

Critics‍ wasted no time sharing their opinions, with some commenting that the new hairstyle made her look older or ⁣that it ⁢was too flat and helmet-like.‍ Some even urged her to go back to her previous look, stating that the new style was not ⁣as‌ attractive.

Even fans who adore McEntire expressed their disapproval, ⁢with some saying​ that the new hairstyle did not suit her.

Credit: MediaPunch / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images / Getty.

Throughout her career, McEntire has been known for her curly, voluminous hair, which has become a ⁤symbol of her vibrant personality both on and off stage.

In a 2015 ⁤interview with the Dallas Voice, McEntire talked about her iconic hair, saying that she can no longer get it⁣ as high as she used to and ⁤that her friend Shane Tarleton always tells her to tone it down.

Despite‍ the mixed reactions to her new hairstyle,​ Reba ⁣McEntire remains unapologetic​ and fearless in her self-expression. ​While some ‍may prefer her old look, I believe her new ‘do showcases her dynamic personality and willingness to take risks.

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