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Fast Food Chain Announces Temporary Closure

In an effort to adapt to the changing landscape of the fast-food industry, Burger King has announced plans to close between three hundred and four hundred stores by the end of 2023. This decision comes as the iconic burger chain faces tough market conditions and seeks to improve its overall financial health.

CEO Joshua Kobza explained the rationale behind the closures, stating, “We are targeting restaurants that are underperforming to improve our overall financial health.” The company had already closed 124 locations by March, leaving 6,964 restaurants in the United States still operational.

The decision to close stores reflects Burger King’s strategy to focus on its most profitable locations while streamlining its operations. This move is part of a broader effort to remain competitive in the fast-food market, which has seen significant changes in recent years.

One of the challenges Burger King faces is the wide variation in sales performance among its locations. To address this issue, the company is actively seeking new franchisees who have the dedication and enthusiasm to drive success in their local communities. Chairman Patrick Doyle emphasized the importance of franchisees who are willing to work hard to operate restaurants that exceed the system average over the long term.

Burger King’s decision to close stores also comes at a time when the fast-food industry as a whole is experiencing significant shifts. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on consumer behavior, leading to changes in how people dine out and where they choose to eat.

The pandemic year of 2020 saw Burger King lose its position as the second-largest burger chain in the United States, with Wendy’s surpassing it to claim the spot behind McDonald’s. This shift in rankings underscores the challenges faced by fast-food giants like Burger King as they navigate an increasingly competitive market.

Despite the closures, Burger King remains committed to serving its customers and providing them with high-quality food and service. The company’s focus on improving its financial health and streamlining its operations is aimed at ensuring its long-term success in the fast-food industry.

As Burger King continues to evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, the future of its remaining stores will depend on its ability to innovate and meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The following Burger King locations are set to shut down in 2023.


2155 Gratiot Ave

9871 Livernois

8201 Woodward Ave

18021 Kelly Rd

20200 Grand River Ave

13600 W. McNichols Rd

15500 W. Seven Mile

20240 Plymouth Rd

12661 Mack Ave

9239 Gratiot Ave

17440 E. Warren

16245 Livernois Ave

3863 W. Jefferson Ave.

10336 W. 8 Mile Rd

3625 South Dort Hwy

3801 Clio Rd

13324 Woodward Ave

28203 Plymouth Rd

34835 Plymouth Ave

31456 Woodward Ave

23660 Telegraph Rd

30711 Southfield Rd

1113 E. West Maple Rd

2411 E. 8 Mile Rd

9774 E. M-36


209 Nokomis Street, Alexandria

926 Central Avenue Northeast, East Grand Forks

528 Western Ave, Fergus Falls

21 Depot Street, Litchfield

205 Lake Street, Long Prairie

586 Southwest 1st Street, Montevideo

516 East Bridge Street, Redwood Falls

100 21st Street North, Moorhead

1611 US-12, Willmar


1422 West Main Street, Lewistown

520 North 27th St, Billings

1211 9th Street West, Columbia Falls


2201 East Kansas Ave, McPherson


3627 South Lincoln Avenue, York

2504 O St, Lincoln

4230 North 27th Street, Lincoln

North Dakota

3765 Gateway Drive, Grand Forks


171 East Gateway Dr, Heber

7810 South 1300 E, Sandy

10235 South State Street, Sandy

729 North Main St, Clearfield

1466 East 3500 North, Lehi

119 East Crossroads Blvd, Saratoga Springs

147 East Bangerter Highway, Draper

5390 South 1900 West, Roy

1660 West North Temple St, Salt Lake City


1902 Mountain View Drive, Cody

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