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Father and Twin Sons Donate 80 Truckloads of Firewood to Those in Need

Every⁢ now and then, we come across an⁣ act of kindness that ‍truly‍ warms our hearts.

We all ​know the feeling – it ⁢could be a story of ​someone‍ going above and beyond to ​help others, or simply⁣ a small gesture of kindness‌ without expecting anything ​in return.

Performing ⁤such deeds‍ not only brings joy‍ to the⁢ recipient, but also to the⁤ giver. It’s⁤ important to‍ recognize and appreciate those who make a genuine effort to make the world a better place.


Shane McDaniel and ⁤his twin ⁢sons, Henry ‌and Harrison, ⁢are shining examples of do-gooders. ‍Shane, who spent⁤ a lot ⁢of time harvesting firewood with his father ‌as ⁤a child,‍ wanted to continue the tradition⁤ with his 21-year-old sons.

Living in⁢ Lake Stevens, Washington, the family faced‍ a daunting ‌task after a heavy‌ storm hit their area. ‌Shane explained,​ “I had a lot of⁢ wood​ I had ‍to cut because of storm damage and​ trees that were taken down. It⁢ just kept ⁣piling ​up and piling up. ⁢Once⁢ it got to be ⁣such an⁤ amount of wood we decided we could⁣ do ‍something better ‍with⁢ it.”

Together, they came up⁣ with a solution that not only cleared the wood,‌ but also⁣ helped others ‍in need. Speaking to ⁣PEOPLE Magazine, Shane said, ⁤”The‌ Pacific Northwest is a ⁣pretty rugged ⁣area, it’s cold and wet. Once I​ started, I saw the​ need and my eyes were opened up. So ‍many people were stopping and asking to buy it⁣ and we just ‍started giving it away.”

From March to October ⁣2018, ‌Shane, Henry, and‌ Harrison chopped enough firewood to fill 80 ⁣trucks. Shane took to Facebook to⁤ ask ‍for help with distribution, as ⁤they had more ‌wood than‍ they could handle.

Unsurprisingly, their post gained a lot of attention and support.​ People were touched ⁢by the family’s generosity, and ​some even volunteered⁣ to ​help​ distribute the firewood to those who couldn’t come and get it.

Shane shared, “It’s a pretty wonderful thing to see.⁤ You can just‌ see this feeling of pride and sharing that I ⁢don’t think they ⁢had before. When you do good ⁣things for people, they‍ don’t forget. I ⁤love‍ helping people.”

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What a wonderful‌ way to give back to​ the community and show compassion as a family. Shane, Henry, and‍ Harrison, we applaud you!

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