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Former ‘Silver Spoons’ Star Takes Stand Against ‘Hollywood’s Moral Decline’ with New Foundation

Child stars ⁢often fade into obscurity as⁢ they grow older, but one former child actor is making a‌ comeback‍ with ⁣a ​mission to combat a problem⁤ he sees in Hollywood.

Ricky Schroder rose to fame in the 1980s as a child star, making his debut‍ in the critically acclaimed film The Champ in 1979. He also gained recognition for his role in ⁢the popular TV show Silver Spoons. However, Schroder is now shifting his focus from acting to ​promoting social and political causes.

During the⁤ COVID-19 pandemic, Schroder was vocal about⁣ the importance of personal freedom and has now⁢ taken steps to establish a foundation to further his ⁤beliefs. The Reel American Heroes Foundation,​ founded by Schroder, aims to honor veterans and first responders,⁣ a⁤ cause that he is deeply passionate about.

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The foundation’s website states that its goal is to share the stories of American heroes, particularly veterans ⁢and first responders, in order to inspire the next ​generation.

“At Reel American Heroes Foundation, we honor our ​nation by​ presenting films, documentaries, television series, and public service announcements that showcase the courage and valor of our veterans, active soldiers, first responders, Gold Star families, and other heroic ​figures,” the website ⁤reads. “Our aim is to inspire, raise awareness, entertain, and educate.”


Schroder has described his foundation as ​a “patriotic PBS” that will highlight real American heroes who are​ often overlooked ⁢in mainstream media. He​ believes that storytelling is crucial in shaping our shared history and hopes to counteract ⁤the negative narratives coming from Hollywood.

“We’re going to build a sort of ‘Patriot PBS,’ an army of storytellers to counteract much of the negative programming coming from Hollywood these days,” Schroder explained. “Our money, our⁢ stories, our legacies. Folks, never has the need⁢ been greater ⁤for​ a constructive vision for ‌our collective futures.”

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To achieve their goals, the Reel⁢ American Heroes Foundation has assembled a team‍ of experienced creatives with over 100 years of⁤ combined experience in crafting, producing, and directing various forms of media, including films, documentaries, TV‌ series, ⁢and public service announcements.

After being out of the spotlight for ​some time,⁤ Schroder ⁣has returned to Hollywood with a rugged⁣ look and a new mission. He ‍hopes⁢ that through his foundation, ⁢he can use ‍his creative ⁣talents to inspire ⁤and ⁣educate others about the sacrifices and bravery of American heroes.

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