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From Addiction to Gratitude: How Faith Saved Dennis Quaid’s Life

In⁣ the face of challenges, many of us turn to faith for guidance, and Dennis Quaid ⁣is no exception.

According to Quaid, he is grateful to still be alive every ⁢day. He‍ believes‍ it is important to make⁣ the most of​ life’s journey, despite the obstacles that may come our way.

Quaid’s struggles with addiction are not uncommon. After a successful start to his career, he found himself battling ⁤with substance ‍abuse and eventually checked himself into rehab, ⁢which ⁣he referred to as “cocaine school.”

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He recalls a ‌pivotal moment when he‍ realized he needed to⁣ make a change. “I remember going ⁢home and having a moment of clarity where I saw myself either dead, in jail,‌ or losing everything I had. I didn’t‌ want that for​ myself,” ⁤Quaid shared.

For the 69-year-old actor and musician, his faith became the source of strength and fulfillment ⁤he had ‍been searching for.⁢ He wrote a song for his mother as a ​way to let her know he was okay, and he began ‌reading religious texts such as the Bible and Quran.

Through this journey,⁢ Quaid developed a⁣ personal relationship with his faith. He admits‍ that before this, he did not have a‌ strong⁣ connection with his faith, despite growing up as ​a ⁤Christian.

Today, Quaid’s relationship with his faith continues to be a⁢ significant part of his life. He is set to release a ⁣new album titled “Fallen: A Gospel Record⁢ For ​Sinners,” which he describes as self-reflective and not “churchy.”

Quaid believes that everyone has a relationship with God, regardless of their religious beliefs. He explains that‍ we are‌ all searching for⁣ the joy of life, and⁤ drugs and alcohol may provide temporary ​satisfaction, but ultimately, they lead to problems. The true joy of life, according to Quaid, comes from our relationship with God.

I admire Dennis Quaid for choosing sobriety and⁣ staying committed to ⁢it. It takes a lot ‌of strength and determination​ to overcome addiction. His reliance on faith has undoubtedly played a significant role in his journey.

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