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From First Date to Family Reunion: Woman’s Introduction of New Boyfriend Goes Horribly Wrong

With a global‌ population of⁣ 8.1 billion people,⁢ it should be easy to find a partner who doesn’t share your DNA. However, in the United States alone, there are approximately 250,000 people who are married to a cousin, keeping it in the​ family.

One ​woman, who⁤ thought she had ​found “the one” after⁣ five months of dating, was shocked to discover that her boyfriend was actually a relative.Read on to ⁤learn ‌more about this woman’s experience with her unexpected family connection.

In her mid ‍20s, a woman known as Gelicca shared her story on Reddit, ‍recounting her initial excitement ⁢over a man she met on a dating⁣ app with ‌”the softest of hazel eyes.” However, after a few months of dating, she and her boyfriend, also in his⁢ mid 20s, decided it was time to ⁤introduce ⁤each other to their families.

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As their families lived in different parts of the country, they planned a ‌dinner with both sets of parents. However, when ‌her father stood up to introduce himself to⁣ her boyfriend’s mother, he turned white upon realizing that they were cousins. It was a shocking coincidence that they had both left their respective⁤ states and ‍ended up in the same city, only to discover their familial connection.

Cousin ⁣marriage, also known as consanguinity, accounts for about 10% of the‌ world’s relationship population. It‌ is most prevalent in the ‍Middle East, West Asia, and North Africa, but is not⁢ as common in the United States, where ⁢it is only legal in 20 ‍states⁣ and the District⁣ of Columbia.

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Despite their⁣ love for each other, the couple decided ‌to end their relationship out of respect for their ⁢family. The woman removed all traces of their relationship from social media and created a ⁤new Reddit account‍ to share her story.

Online users offered ⁢their support, with some applauding the ⁢couple for handling the situation maturely and others sharing ‍their own experiences with cousin marriage. Some even found humor in the awkward family dinner, joking about‌ ordering meatloaf or⁤ eating at Olive ⁤Garden where ​”everyone is family.”

What do you think of ​this story? Share your thoughts and then pass it on to hear what others have to say. It’s a reminder⁣ that sometimes, love can be complicated and unexpected.

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