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From Heartbreak to Hope: Jason Momoa, 44, Desperately Asks Out Familiar Face Just Weeks After Divorce

Jason Momoa, ⁤the star of Aquaman and Game‍ of Thrones, is reportedly ⁤moving on quickly from his recent divorce and has​ set his sights on​ actress Demi Moore.

According to RadarOnline, Momoa, 44, and Moore, 61, crossed paths at a recent‍ event in Hollywood ​and the ‍actor ‍was immediately taken with her. This news comes just weeks⁣ after⁤ Momoa finalized his divorce⁤ from his wife of four years,‌ Lisa Bonet.

Moore, who was previously married to Bruce Willis and ‌Ashton⁢ Kutcher, is currently single but it seems she is not easily‌ won over. Reports say that Momoa has been texting her and even asking mutual friends to put in ⁤a good word for him.

ROME, ITALY – JULY 04: Lilakoi Moon and Jason Momoa attends the Cocktail at Fendi Couture Fall Winter 2019/2020 on July 04, 2019 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Fendi)

He has also been begging for a date ⁣with the actress, whom⁢ he believes would ⁤make a great match for him and could teach him⁣ a‌ lot.

The two were spotted ⁤together at a screening of the documentary Common Ground on January 18, just⁢ a week after Momoa and Bonet filed for divorce.​ An insider​ told ‍the⁣ National‌ Enquirer that​ Momoa has been laying it ⁤on thick, telling Moore she is the most gorgeous woman he has ever‍ seen and hoping ‌she has a day as beautiful as she is.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 11: (L-R) Demi Moore and Jason Momoa attend the pre-reception for the Los Angeles special screening of “Common Ground” at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on January 11, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

Despite his recent divorce, Momoa ⁣seems to be embracing a new ⁤lifestyle. He bid⁤ farewell to his shared home with Bonet and has chosen to live in a van instead.

This unexpected change has ‌surprised many,​ but Momoa shares glimpses ⁤of his “van life” on social media, embracing the simplicity and eco-friendly aspects of his new home.

What do you think ⁤of the potential relationship between Momoa and Moore? Let us ‍know in the comments.

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