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From Rockstar to Unrecognizable: The Shocking Transformation of a Former Icon

As the controversial‍ musician Marilyn Manson, 53, faces three separate lawsuits for sexual abuse from three women, he was ‌recently⁢ spotted ⁣out in ⁣public with his 37-year-old wife, Lindsay Urich. Despite‌ the serious allegations against​ him, Manson ⁢confidently donned ​black‌ and⁣ leather boots⁤ while his wife wore a green maxi dress and bold red lipstick.

According to Daily Mail, the three women who have filed lawsuits ⁤against Manson are Game of ​Thrones actress Esmé Bianco, model Ashley Morgan Smithine, and a Jane Doe. A fourth lawsuit against him was dismissed in May by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Manson is currently countersuing his​ ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood for defamation. The fourth lawsuit ‍was dismissed due to the statute of limitations, as the⁣ alleged incidents occurred in 2010 and 2011.

One of the plaintiffs, 37-year-old Ashley Walters, sought legal help for her experiences with Manson, but ‌it was deemed too late as the law only protects victims within a few years of the crime. Walters claims that ​Manson subjected her to sexual and psychological abuse while she was employed by ⁢him, but Manson ‍believes her‌ allegations are simply a result of her “creative writing skills.”

In her amended complaint, Walters alleges that Manson forced her to stand for twelve hours straight and use cocaine to stay awake during a photo shoot. She also claims⁣ he whipped her and others, and⁢ even threw a‌ prop skull at her with such force that it left a welt on her body.

“We believe our amended ​complaint specifically⁣ addresses the ⁤court’s concerns and establishes that Ms. Walters suffered severe harm while working for Mr. Warner, causing her to repress the majority of the abuse she endured. The nature of the abuse should strip [Warner] of any statute of limitations defense. Regardless of the outcome, we ‌will continue to expose Mr. Warner for who he truly is – a narcissistic⁤ predator and pathological violator,” stated Walters’ lawyer James Vagnini.

Manson, on the other hand, argues ⁣that the alleged abuse falls outside the statute of⁣ limitations because Walters was aware of ⁤what was happening to her⁣ during her employment and actively tried to hide from‌ him to avoid further attacks.

“Plaintiff claims that she was aware of the need to hide from her employer, yet also ‍argues that she was unaware ⁤of the alleged actions ⁣committed against her. These contradictory claims weaken her case,” stated Manson in new court documents, as reported by Rolling Stone.

In light of the ongoing legal battles and ⁣serious allegations against him,‌ Manson’s public appearance with his wife raises questions about his character and the validity of the accusations. Only time will tell how ⁤these lawsuits will unfold and what the ultimate outcome will be‌ for all ‍parties involved.

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