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Heroic 13-Year-Old Saves the Day with a $3 Toy from His Mom

On‍ a typical afternoon after school, Owen Burns‌ was interrupted ⁤by his sister’s ‍screams. Initially annoyed, he didn’t ‌think ‍much⁤ of it until‌ he ⁤looked out his window and saw a ‍stranger trying to drag his 8-year-old sister into the nearby woods. In a split second, Owen’s annoyance turned ⁢into shock and he knew he ‌had to act fast to save his⁢ sister’s ‍life.


At just 13 years old, Owen was settling ⁢in to play his favorite video ‍game when he heard his sister’s screams. He ⁤thought she was just goofing around and became ‌annoyed, but when​ he saw‌ the⁣ stranger trying to abduct her, he quickly⁤ grabbed his slingshot and any ammunition he ‍could find – a marble and a‌ rock.​ With precise aim, he hit‌ the⁢ kidnapper between the eyes and then in the chest,⁣ causing⁤ him to swear and curse in pain.

This terrifying⁢ encounter ​took place in broad daylight ⁢at the Burns’ home ‌in Alpena Township, Michigan. Their mother, ‍Maggie Burns, noted⁢ that ‍kidnappings were unheard‌ of in their area. Thanks to Owen’s quick ​thinking and ⁢heroic actions, his sister‌ was safe and the kidnapper ⁤was caught and charged as​ an‍ adult by the Michigan State Police.


Lt. John‍ Grimshaw, who spoke at a⁣ news conference about the​ incident, praised Owen for his ⁤extraordinary bravery‍ and‌ commended ​him for his efforts. The slingshot Owen used was ⁤nothing ‌out of the ordinary⁤ – his mother had ⁤bought ⁤it on clearance for⁣ just $3. Owen would often practice his aim on old orange juice ‍cans ⁤in their yard, which ultimately helped him hit his target with precision.

When Owen saw the kidnapper attempting to abduct⁢ his sister, his first⁢ thought ‌was ⁣that⁤ the stranger would either ⁣make her a sex slave or kill her. He immediately reached for his slingshot and fired at ‌the kidnapper, causing his sister to break free and ⁢run inside the house crying. ‍Enraged, Owen ran outside and hurled‍ a baseball at‍ the kidnapper, but missed. He then attempted to hit him⁣ with his slingshot again, ⁣but the rubber broke and‍ his third attempt was unsuccessful.


The siblings then called their mother, ‍who had stopped at a relative’s ⁣house ‌on her way home from work. When she heard ⁢her children’s incoherent⁢ and upset voices on the phone, ‍she made out the word “kidnapper” ⁤and rushed home to call the‌ police. The 17-year-old ‍kidnapper was​ found hiding at ​a nearby gas station⁣ and‌ was‍ charged with attempted kidnapping, ‌attempted felony assault, and misdemeanor assault and ⁢battery.

Initially, Maggie ⁣was skeptical of her son’s⁣ story about hitting ‍the ​kidnapper ​from 200⁢ feet away with such precision. But the police confirmed the story when they saw the ‍marble-induced goose ⁤egg on the kidnapper’s forehead. Owen’s mother​ couldn’t believe it and told him, “You said I always lie!”‍ to which he replied, “Stuff in the movies can and do happen in real life.”

This incredible story ‌of a‍ big brother’s ‍heroic efforts⁤ to protect his little sister is ​truly inspiring. Share it with your friends⁤ and family to spread the message of⁢ bravery and⁢ courage.

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