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High School Wrestler Shocks Crowd by Forfeiting State Tournament Upon Seeing Opponent’s Identity

Sticking to‍ one’s beliefs and making⁢ sacrifices in the ⁣name ⁣of faith is a commendable act that commands respect.

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Brendan​ Johnston, a former high school wrestler from Colorado, exemplifies this ​by forfeiting two state tournament‌ matches ‍against girls in 2018. This decision effectively ended⁤ his high school wrestling career, as he cited⁣ his religious and personal ⁤beliefs as the reason for ⁣refusing⁢ to compete against‌ female opponents.

The debate surrounding the fairness ⁢of pitting adult males against adult females in physical competition has gained ⁢more attention in recent times. Many argue that the biological and physical differences between men and ​women make it unfair to compete against each other.

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In ⁣the ⁤case ‍of Brendan, he chose not ⁣to wrestle⁣ against Jaslynn Gallegos of Skyview High in the first round of the state⁢ tournament⁣ and also forfeited ⁣his third-round consolation match against Angel‍ Rios from ⁣Valley High. In an interview with KDVR, Brendan, a Christian, explained his decision, stating that he was uncomfortable with the physical nature of wrestling against a young lady. He also ⁣mentioned that his faith and upbringing played a role in his decision, as he believes in treating ⁢women with respect and acknowledging⁤ their differences from men.

Brendan’s decision not to wrestle the two girls resulted‌ in him placing sixth, while Angel and Jaslynn placed fourth and fifth respectively. Jaslynn, however, expressed disappointment in Brendan’s choice, stating that she ⁣sees herself as a wrestler, not just a⁢ girl wrestler. In an ‌interview with the Washington Post, she said, “My whole ‍thing is‌ that I’m‍ not a girl wrestler; I’m just a wrestler. So it kind of doesn’t hurt⁤ my feelings, but I do take it to heart.”

It takes courage and conviction to stand ⁢by one’s beliefs, even if it means sacrificing something important. Brendan’s decision to forfeit the matches against female opponents may⁣ have been controversial, but it reflects his strong faith and values. It also brings attention ⁤to the ongoing debate about the fairness of male-female competition in sports. Regardless of ⁢one’s stance on ‌the issue, ​it is important to respect and acknowledge the ‍beliefs‍ and decisions ⁢of others.

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