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Iconic Star of Beloved 1960s Sitcom Passes Away at Age 96 – A Tribute to a Legend

The world lost a beloved actor ⁣and survivor on November 3, 2021, when Robert ​Clary passed away at the age of ninety-six. ‌The French-born ⁤actor ​was best known for his role as Corporal⁤ Louis LeBeau on the ‍popular 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes. But⁤ beyond his successful career in Hollywood, Clary was also ​a‌ survivor ⁣of ⁤one of the darkest periods in history ​– the Holocaust.

Clary’s granddaughter, Kim Wright, confirmed his‌ passing to The Hollywood⁢ Reporter. She shared that he passed away in⁢ his Los Angeles home, ​leaving‌ behind⁣ a legacy of talent and resilience.

Born ⁤as ⁣Robert Max Widerman in Paris in 1926, Clary ⁣was ⁤the youngest of fourteen children ‌in an Orthodox ⁢Jewish family.⁣ He ‌began his entertainment career at the young age⁤ of twelve, singing and entertaining ​audiences. But at the ⁣age of sixteen, his life took ⁤a tragic ⁢turn when ⁤he and his‌ family were sent to Auschwitz, a concentration ⁢camp where ‌millions of Jews were killed by Hitler’s Nazis.

Despite⁤ the⁣ odds stacked against him, Clary managed to survive the horrors of Auschwitz for nearly three years. He credited his talent as an entertainer for helping ​him stay alive, as he would perform for soldiers every other week. ‍But his family was​ not as fortunate,⁤ as they were killed in the gas chambers.

After the war, Clary moved to the United States and continued‍ his career in ⁢entertainment. He eventually landed the role ​of Corporal Louis ‍LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes, ⁤which ran‌ for six seasons from⁤ 1965 ⁤to 1971. Clary was the last surviving member of ​the principal cast until his passing⁢ in November 2021.

But​ beyond his successful⁣ career in‌ Hollywood, Clary was⁤ also a survivor of one of⁢ the darkest periods in​ history. He was⁣ a documented Holocaust survivor who⁢ refused⁢ to let ⁢conspiracy theorists⁢ and Nazi sympathizers deny his struggle. In a 2015 ‌interview with THR, he‌ spoke out against Holocaust deniers and shared‍ his experiences⁢ in ‌Auschwitz.

Clary’s passing ⁢is⁣ a loss for the entertainment industry⁤ and for the world. He will be remembered not⁤ only for his​ talent ⁤as an actor, but also‌ for his resilience and bravery as a ‍survivor. His legacy will continue to⁤ live on ⁤through his work and the impact he made on those who knew him.

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