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If You Notice This Makeup Style, Consider Turning Away

In the realm of makeup and beauty, a new trend known as ‘unapproachable makeup’ is captivating young women, offering a bold style to deter unwanted attention from men. This trend, gaining traction on TikTok under #UnapproachableMakeup, sees women embracing dramatic makeup looks to assert their independence and set clear boundaries.

Unlike traditional makeup styles that emphasize softness and natural beauty, ‘unapproachable makeup’ embraces full-on glamour. It features dark, smoky eyes, full lips, and chiseled cheekbones, symbolizing strength and self-assuredness. This bold aesthetic sends a message that these women are in control and unafraid to express themselves boldly.

Brooke Ellis, a UK-based makeup artist, has become a prominent figure in the ‘unapproachable makeup’ movement. In a viral TikTok video, she showcases her skills, creating a captivating look with striking smoky eyes, dramatic lashes, sculpted cheeks, defined lips, and cascading waves in her hair. Other creators, like Gabrielle (@gabxxrielle) and Megi Hebeja (@megihebeja), have also contributed to the trend, showcasing their interpretations of the bold makeup style.

Megi Hebeja, in particular, has highlighted the motivation behind ‘unapproachable makeup.’ In her videos, she humorously expresses her love for “p****** men off” and explains that appearing intimidating can deter unwanted advances. Her makeup routine includes strong eyebrows, dramatic winged eyeliner, and sculpted cheeks, creating a look that exudes confidence and strength.

Beyond makeup aesthetics, the ‘unapproachable makeup’ trend represents a deeper movement against harassment and assault in public spaces. Hope Flynn, a sex and relationship expert, explains that this trend is a form of empowerment and self-protection for women. With alarming statistics showing high rates of harassment, ‘unapproachable makeup’ serves as a symbol of empowerment and self-protection.

This trend aligns with broader initiatives aimed at preventing unwanted attention, such as carrying self-defense tools and sharing locations with friends. As Hope points out, many women have experienced harassment, highlighting the urgent need for safety measures.

In 2022, the British government introduced legislation criminalizing sexual harassment in public spaces, showing a step toward curbing street harassment. ‘Unapproachable makeup’ adds another layer of defense, allowing women to assert their boundaries confidently.

Overall, the ‘unapproachable makeup’ trend empowers women to reclaim their autonomy and establish personal boundaries. It is a tangible expression of resistance against harassment and a statement that women deserve to feel safe and respected. By embracing this makeup look, women assert their right to enjoy social outings without fear, signaling a positive step toward a safer and more inclusive society.

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