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Is This Bruce Willis’ Final Birthday? Family Concerned Over His Decreased Appetite and Weight Loss

As Bruce Willis approaches ‍his 69th birthday ‍on March 19, his​ loved ones are preparing for a bittersweet farewell to the man who is slowly succumbing⁣ to his advancing condition.

Currently ​struggling with a decreased appetite ⁢and significant weight loss, family and friends are making the most of their time with him, knowing that it could be⁤ his last birthday.

Continue reading to ‍discover why a close‌ family friend describes the situation as “heartbreaking.”

In 2023, Bruce Willis was captured playfully celebrating his 68th birthday, joining ⁢in on the family’s rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

A video shared on social media ‍by Willis’ ex-wife, Demi ‍Moore, ⁤on Sunday, March 19, ‌shows the‌ family singing “Happy Birthday” to him. The Hollywood icon can be heard ⁤chatting with his family, ‌including his 44-year-old wife Emma Heming Willis and his three daughters, Rumer, 35, Scout, 32, and Tallulah, 30, before blowing out his candles.

“Happy birthday, BW! ​So glad we ‌could⁤ celebrate ⁤you today. Love you and love our family,” gushed ex-wife Demi Moore, who ‌posted the fun clip on her‍ Instagram.

This was his​ first public appearance since it was ​revealed⁢ that he had been diagnosed ‍with frontotemporal dementia.

‘Feeling extremely anxious’

Significant changes have occurred‍ in the past year.

Reports indicate that the family is “feeling extremely anxious” about the weight loss and decreased appetite of the Die Hard star, who is now in a deteriorating state.

According to a source speaking to ‌In Touch, “he doesn’t express much hunger,” and his weight and decreased appetite are signs of a downward spiral.

“Family members ​are making sure he eats enough, doesn’t ​skip⁤ meals, and has a diet that can potentially improve his health‍ rather than worsen it… This is a heartbreaking situation that‍ anyone dealing with a loved one ‍with dementia or Alzheimer’s can relate to.”

The insider also reveals that his cognitive abilities are declining, stating, “He can no longer communicate ⁢and has difficulty recognizing people.”

Confirming ‍this, Glenn Gordon shares that ‌his close⁤ friend, the star of Sixth Sense, is deteriorating: “He’s⁤ not very verbal; he used to be an avid reader – he didn’t want‌ anyone to⁤ know that – but he’s not ‍reading anymore.” Gordon, who tries ‍to visit‍ Willis at⁣ least‍ once a month, adds, “He has lost all those language skills.”

‘Not the whole truth’

Meanwhile,‍ Emma, who says she feels​ “triggered,” responds to the authors of the “misleading headlines,”‍ stating that ‍”there is‍ still ⁤joy⁢ in my husband’s life.”

On March 2, Emma, the award-winning actor’s biggest supporter, shares a post on Instagram about the ‍”negative ⁤narrative surrounding dementia.” In her caption, she writes, “My experience is that two things can be true ⁤and exist at ‌the same⁢ time. ‌Grief and‍ deep love. Sadness and deep connection. Trauma and resilience.”

In the video, she ‌clarifies, “I can tell you that is not the whole truth. ⁣There⁤ is definitely grief and sadness, but you also start a new chapter… it’s filled with ⁣love, connection, joy, and happiness.”

Although she does not mention the source of the damaging information, she ​says, “I need⁣ society ​and whoever is ‌writing ⁤these ridiculous headlines to stop scaring people into thinking that‍ once ‍they receive‍ a diagnosis of a neurocognitive disease,⁣ it’s‌ all over.”

‘Possibly ‌his final ⁣birthday’

His 69th birthday may look very different as his family ‍prepares for an emotional ‌farewell.

“Everyone is ​staying positive ⁢about Bruce’s future⁤ and hoping that he reaches a comfortable plateau or, God willing, shows signs of improvement,” says the source, adding that family⁣ members are committed to spending as much time‌ with him as possible.

“They ⁤know that being⁢ around his family brings him a⁤ lot of comfort, so that’s what ‍they focus on. Regardless of ⁢how much time Bruce has left, they⁣ want ⁢him to be surrounded by love and happiness.”

And ⁢when the Pulp Fiction star turns 69 on March 19, 2024, Emma, Moore,​ and his five daughters⁤ will celebrate his life.

“Those who⁤ love Bruce want to cherish every moment with him. They all understand that this could be his⁢ last birthday.” The‍ source adds that his daughters are “taking as many photos ‌and videos as they can.

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