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Isabella Strahan’s Emotional Update on Her Cancer Battle Leaves Everyone in Tears

Isabella Strahan, the ⁤19-year-old‌ daughter of former NFL star‌ Michael Strahan, recently took‍ to social media to share a positive update on her ongoing⁣ battle with⁤ cancer. In⁢ an unexpected turn of events, Isabella revealed that she will now only have to undergo four⁤ rounds of chemotherapy instead​ of the originally planned ⁣six.

The teenager was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, ⁤a cancer‌ at the base‌ of her brain, in ‍October 2023 during her first year⁤ of college at the University of‍ Southern California​ in Los‌ Angeles. She ⁤announced⁣ her diagnosis during an interview on Good⁤ Morning America ⁣in January 2024.

Initially, Isabella⁤ had been ⁤experiencing headaches for ‍a month before seeking medical attention. She ⁢had also been ‍feeling nauseous and had difficulty ⁣walking straight. ​However, it wasn’t until she woke up one day in late October and began⁢ throwing up blood that she knew something was seriously wrong.

After her diagnosis, Isabella⁤ has been⁤ fighting hard to recover. In her latest YouTube video,‍ she shared the ​positive news that she will ⁣only have to⁣ undergo four rounds of chemotherapy⁤ instead of the initially planned six. This means ‍that she is now halfway done with her treatment⁤ and ⁤will be finished in May.

In ‌the video, Isabella expressed her‍ happiness and gratitude, saying, “These are happy ⁢tears. It’s not even considering crying when it’s happy tears.”‍ She also mentioned that she is looking forward to having ‍a summer ⁣to feel better before returning to school.

Her famous father, Michael Strahan, also shared his love and support for his⁣ daughter during⁤ the interview in​ January, saying, “I literally⁤ think that in a lot of ways, I’m the luckiest man in the world because⁢ I’ve got an amazing daughter.

⁤ I know ‍she’s going‌ through it, but I know that we’re never‍ given more than we‍ can handle and that she is going to crush ‍this.”

Let’s all send love and strength in ‍Isabella’s direction as⁣ she continues to fight and recover from⁣ cancer. Leave a comment if you would like ​to send ‌prayers as​ well.

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