Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ivanka Targeted by One of Her Favorite Actresses on Twitter

Ivanka Trump, a self-proclaimed fan of actress Alyssa Milano, has found herself on the receiving end of criticism from Milano due to their divergent political views. While Ivanka has expressed admiration for Milano, especially during their interactions on the reality show “Project Runway All-Stars” in 2015, Milano’s perception of Ivanka has changed as the latter has become more involved in politics, particularly in her role in her father’s Republican administration.

Milano, known for her roles in TV shows like “Who’s the Boss,” has transitioned into an activist role in recent years, advocating for various social justice causes, including women’s rights. Despite Ivanka’s initial admiration for Milano, the actress has expressed disappointment in Ivanka’s political evolution.

In a post on social media, Milano shared her initial positive impression of Ivanka, noting that Ivanka had once called her a hero. However, Milano’s tone has since shifted, expressing sadness over what she perceives as a negative transformation in Ivanka’s character.

Milano didn’t stop at expressing her disappointment; she also used her platform to urge her followers to register to vote and support Joe Biden in the 2020 election. This public call to action marked a significant departure from Ivanka’s earlier praise for Milano and highlighted the growing divide between the two women’s political ideologies.

Despite their differing views, Milano has not hesitated to call on Ivanka to use her influence to support causes that Milano believes in. In 2018, Milano urged Ivanka to push for an investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, demonstrating that Milano is willing to challenge Ivanka on issues she feels strongly about.

The evolving dynamic between Ivanka and Milano serves as a reminder of the complexities of personal and political relationships, especially in the public eye. While Ivanka may continue to admire Milano’s work as an actress, their differing political views have created a divide that may be challenging to bridge.

What do you think about Ivanka’s admiration for Alyssa Milano, and how do you view their differing political stances?

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