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Join Forces: Four Single Moms Share One Home and Raise Their Kids as a Team

The saying goes, “it ⁤takes a village to raise a child.” But what if you don’t have a village? That’s ‌where⁢ Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper come ‍in. These two ⁣mom friends have always joked ⁣about buying a house in Vermont, living there with their children, and only ⁤allowing their husbands to visit once in a while. Little did they know, this joke would become a​ reality.


After both going through divorces and facing the uncertainty of the‌ pandemic, Harper and ‌Hopper decided to ⁣move in together. “Why not do ‌this?” Hopper​ told TODAY. “Within a‌ weekend we found this house.” For Harper, the changes ‍in her​ life were overwhelming. She had just gotten divorced, turned 40, and lost her father in early 2020. She‍ felt like her life ⁢was ⁤in shambles. But with Hopper by⁤ her side, she found the strength to start over.

Once⁤ the women moved into their new Maryland ⁤house, they decided to offer the basement for rent. This is how another single mom, Leandra, joined their village. And then, their friend ‌Jen moved in as well.


With these four ‍women and their children, ⁢their house was complete. “There is‍ almost a spiritual‍ safety net every day⁣ here,” Hopper shared. “I could be my⁣ worst self, I could be my best self, ‌and they see me for who I am, and it’s OK.”

With ⁣so many people living ‍under one ⁣roof, there are always things to ⁤take care of. But ​the women never feel overwhelmed because they have ⁢each other’s support.⁣ They also have the freedom to go out without the kids, knowing that there is always ⁤someone around to help.


And for the children,⁤ this arrangement is beneficial because they have ‍other kids to play with. “There’s always‌ someone to play a game with,” Harper said. “It’s just the most fun.”

The children have become like⁤ cousins, and ​the bond⁢ between them⁣ is beautiful.⁢ The women have even given their house a name -‌ the “Siren House.” “Siren is a⁤ form of sort of feminist power, right?” Hopper explained.


“We’re building‍ a‍ community, we sort of‌ have the siren song so we bring people together.” And that’s exactly what they have done. They have created a community and ‌are now planning to expand their co-housing arrangement to other​ moms ‍out there.

Their unique and brilliant living situation has caught the ‍attention of ‌many, and they have even been featured​ in⁣ a⁢ video. Watch ‍the moms talk about their experience in​ the video below. It’s heartwarming to see how they‍ have⁣ come together to‍ support each other and their families.

So, if you don’t have a village, why not create one? As ⁢these moms have shown, it’s possible and can be incredibly ​rewarding. Share ⁣this with ⁢your friends and family to ⁣spread the message of building a supportive community.

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