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Kelly Clarkson Confesses: I’m Not Afraid to Spank My Kids When They Misbehave

As a child, were you ever ⁣spanked as a form of discipline? This practice‍ has‍ become increasingly controversial in recent years, with The American Academy of Pediatrics concluding​ that it is ineffective and harmful. However, there are still parents who swear by it, including singer and ⁢TV personality Kelly Clarkson.

In a recent radio⁢ interview, Kelly defended her⁣ decision to use spanking as a form of discipline ​for ‌her two children, ⁣River Rose and Remy. She clarified that she ​does not mean ‍hitting her children hard, but rather a light spanking. This is‌ something she grew up ‍with and does not see anything wrong with.

Clarkson, ⁣who hails from Texas, ⁢explained that spanking is a common​ form of discipline in the South. She ‌shared that her⁤ mother would even give permission for the principal to spank her if she misbehaved‌ at school. Despite​ this, Kelly believes she has turned out to be⁤ a well-rounded ​individual with a lot of character.

However, the singer admits that her way of parenting is controversial and can ⁣be difficult‍ to navigate‍ in public. She shared that she has had to discipline her children in‍ public places, such ⁤as the zoo, and has received criticism ⁤for ‌it. But ⁤she stands by her belief in spanking as an‌ effective form ⁢of discipline.

What do you think about Kelly Clarkson’s approach to disciplining her⁢ children? Do you agree with ⁤her use of spanking, or do you believe that every parent should be left ⁢to discipline their children as they see fit?

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Exploring Alternative Forms of Discipline

While spanking‌ may be a common ⁤form of discipline for​ some parents, it is important ⁤to consider alternative methods that may be more effective and​ less harmful. According to the ‌American ​Academy of Pediatrics, positive reinforcement, setting clear rules and expectations, and using time-outs are ‌more ‌effective ways to ‌discipline children.

Additionally, it is important for parents⁤ to understand the potential negative effects of spanking on a child’s mental ‌and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that ⁣children who are spanked are more likely⁣ to exhibit ​aggressive behavior and have lower self-esteem.

As parents, it is our responsibility to find the most effective and nurturing⁢ ways to discipline our children. Let’s continue the conversation and explore‍ alternative forms⁤ of discipline that can help our children grow and thrive.


In conclusion, while spanking may be a controversial topic,​ it is important for parents to‌ carefully consider the potential effects​ of this form of discipline ‍on their children. As society evolves, ‌so do our ⁢views on parenting and ‌discipline. Let’s continue to have open and respectful discussions about this topic and explore alternative methods that can help our children grow into⁢ well-rounded individuals with⁢ strong character.

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