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Liam Neeson Slams ‘The View’ Hosts Following Uncomfortable Interview

Liam Neeson, the renowned actor known for his powerful ‌performances ‍in films such as ‍ Schindler’s List and the Taken series, recently made a⁤ guest appearance on the popular talk show The View. However, the veteran star did not⁣ hold back when expressing his disappointment with the‌ show’s hosts and their topic of discussion.

Liam Neeson (Credit: YouTube)

Neeson, who has been ‌praised for his serious and thought-provoking roles, was hoping for ‍a ⁣meaningful conversation on an important topic. He had‌ been watching the show in his​ dressing room and was⁣ looking forward to joining the ‌hosts on stage. ⁤However, he was met with a segment ‍that ⁤he described as “all this BS” ‍and “a bit ‌embarrassing.”

The actor had been under the impression that the‌ hosts‌ were having a real and important discussion on gun violence in America. But instead, the​ segment turned into a conversation about⁣ a thirteen ⁤or fourteen-year-old crush that one of the hosts, Joy Behar, had‌ on Neeson. This made Neeson uncomfortable and disappointed ⁢with the direction of the‌ interview.

Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler in the 1993 film Schindler’s List (Credit: YouTube)

In an ‌interview with Rolling Stone, Neeson expressed his disappointment⁤ with⁢ the segment‌ and the hosts’ behavior. He also⁣ mentioned‌ that he had a good and intelligent conversation with one of⁤ the hosts, Sunny Hostin, after the show. However, the segment itself was focused‌ on Behar’s⁤ crush, which Neeson ‍found to be⁣ “chaotic” ⁤and “embarrassing.”

The uncomfortable segment began innocently enough, with Behar jokingly telling Neeson that ‌they talk ​about him so much on the show ​that ​she feels like he’s been there before.

Liam Neeson during his interview on The View (Credit: YouTube)

However, the jokes continued, with one of the ​hosts even asking Neeson to draw hearts on their “valentines” for ⁢him. This made the actor visibly⁣ uncomfortable, and he sat with his arms‍ crossed, not joining‌ in on the jokes ​or cracking⁣ a smile.

It’s no surprise that Neeson was uncomfortable with the hosts’ antics, as he has previously expressed his ⁤discomfort ​with filming sex scenes and being ⁣objectified by fans. The⁢ Irish-born actor has had a ⁤successful⁢ career, starring in critically acclaimed films ​such as Schindler’s List, Michael ​Collins, and Gangs of New York.

Liam Neeson wasn’t “impressed” with The View (Credit: YouTube)

However, ⁣his late-career renaissance as an action star has drawn particular ⁣attention from his fans⁢ around the world.

In‌ conclusion, Liam Neeson’s guest appearance on The View turned⁤ out‌ to be an⁢ uncomfortable and disappointing experience ‍for the actor. He​ had been hoping ‌for a serious conversation on ⁤an⁤ important topic, but ‌instead, the ‌segment focused⁢ on⁢ a trivial and ‍embarrassing topic.

Neeson’s​ disappointment with the show’s hosts and their behavior serves as ⁤a reminder that celebrities are not always comfortable with being objectified ⁤and objectifying behavior.

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