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Love That Lasts: Barbara Streisand & James Brolin’s 24-Year Marriage Filled with Hand-Holding and Romantic Dates

Marriage Requires ​Effort, Regardless of Status

It’s a universal⁤ truth that all relationships, including marriage, require ⁣effort to‌ thrive. This is something that applies to‌ everyone, regardless of their social status or fame. Even celebrities like James Brolin and Barbra Streisand, who have ‍been happily​ married for over two decades, have had to put in the work to make their​ marriage last.

A Chance Encounter Leads to a Lifelong Love

The love story of Brolin and Streisand began on July‍ 1, 1996, when they were set up by mutual friends at a party.‌ Streisand was ​initially nervous about the encounter ⁣and spent most of the evening⁣ with the kids, only joining the ⁤adults at the dinner table when necessary.


She was also expecting Brolin to have his usual beard, but he surprised her by showing up clean-shaven and with a fresh ⁣haircut. Streisand couldn’t resist teasing him about his⁣ new look, and ‌this playful banter was the moment that ​made Brolin fall ⁤for her.

Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Triumphs Together

Despite their initial awkward encounter, Brolin and Streisand ⁣hit⁣ it off and have been together ever since. They have faced their fair ⁤share of challenges, but ​they have also celebrated many triumphs together.

Brolin was by Streisand’s side when ‍she received the National‍ Medal of Arts Award, and Streisand was there to support Brolin during his induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They have also blended their families, with Streisand becoming a loving grandmother to Brolin’s children.

The Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Brolin and Streisand have shared the ‌secrets to their long-lasting ‌marriage, and while some may raise‌ an eyebrow, ​the couple swears by them. They have ⁢separate bank ‍accounts, as‌ Brolin learned from his previous marriages that financial issues can strain a relationship.

They also ​believe in ⁢the importance of couples therapy, as it⁤ helps them communicate and resolve⁣ conflicts in ​a healthy ⁤and productive manner. They also ‌stress the importance of ‍listening to each other and being willing to ⁤compromise and agree to disagree.

Strengthened by the Pandemic

The pandemic​ has put a strain on many relationships, but for ⁢Brolin and Streisand, it has brought them⁢ closer together.

Being stuck at ‍home with each other has allowed them to spend quality time together and strengthen their bond.

Watch How a Blind Date Turned into a Lifelong ​Love

The love story of ⁢Brolin and Streisand is a testament to the fact⁢ that marriage takes effort, regardless of status or fame.

It’s a beautiful reminder that love knows no boundaries and can withstand the test of time when both parties are willing to put in the ⁢work. So, let’s take​ a page‌ out of their book‌ and⁢ remember to listen, communicate, and compromise in our⁣ own relationships.

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