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Mother Seeks Internet Help Over Mysterious ‘Brown Bits’ in Daughter’s Bedroom

Believe it or not, the internet can be used for good. Take, for example, Kelli Tarin. Faced with a potential pest issue, she turned to Facebook for help. The mother of three received thousands of comments ranging from those wanting to assist to those who just wanted to stay updated on her situation. In the end, she found her answer, but not before having a big ol’ laugh.

In August 2023, Tarin took to the Homemaking Tips Facebook group to ask fellow members for some help. She and her family had recently moved into a rental property in west Texas and encountered something that had her constantly contacting the landlord and every pest control company she could think of.

Facebook/Kelli Tarin

“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these. Only in my daughter’s room. I clean it almost every day. This is something that happened QUICK,” she wrote alongside a photo of a pile of what she described as looking like “coffee grounds.”

Her post gained a lot of attention, with many attempting to solve her problem. Suggestions ranged from putting up a camera to see how it’s getting there, to speculations about flying ants or termites, or even rat poop.

As people continued to offer suggestions, Tarin updated her original post, explaining that for the time being, she wasn’t letting her daughter sleep in her bedroom. She also mentioned that pest control companies were unable to identify the issue, and she ruled out various possibilities like bats, roaches, and mice.


It wasn’t until she read a comment under her Facebook post that she began to question things more carefully. Someone mentioned finding beads inside a lavender bear, and when Tarin checked her daughter’s toys, she found a lavender bear with a hole in it. Upon further inspection, she discovered that the brown bits were actually beads from inside the stuffed animal.

Tarin picked up the bear and immediately threw it away, believing it was “infested.” But then curiosity took over, and she took another look at the bear. She poured out the contents and found the beads inside, leading her to laugh at the situation.

“Oh my gosh. What a roller coaster of a story! Please share this,” Tarin concluded.

The story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the simplest explanations are the correct ones, and it’s always good to approach problems with a sense of humor.

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