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Mother’s Worst Nightmare: Man Threatens to Harm Her Daughter, But Gets a Shocking Surprise Instead

35-year-old Roxanne Eka Peters committed a heinous ‍act​ when she killed⁣ a man, but her actions were driven by a deep-rooted trauma ⁣and a desire to​ protect her child. The incident occurred in December 2015, when Peters was faced with a horrifying ultimatum from 51-year-old Grand Jason Cassar, ⁢a known rapist. He threatened to‍ harm her child unless she submitted to more sexual abuse and violation.

Peters,‌ who had already been a victim of his abuse, refused to become a victim again and ‍allowed her anger and rage to take over. As a result, she stabbed Cassar through ⁢the heart with a kitchen knife, causing his death.‍ She then tied his corpse with a rope and dragged it‍ behind her car‌ for half a mile, both to desecrate the body and to‌ hide it from sight.

The pain​ and suffering that Peters endured at the hands of Cassar were unimaginable. Despite this, she was found​ guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to ​nine years ‌in prison, along with⁣ an additional ⁤eighteen months for interfering with a corpse. The Brisbane Supreme Court⁢ showed little sympathy for‌ her, but with time served, she will be eligible for parole in June 2020.

Justice David Boddice acknowledged that Cassar’s actions were “significant provocation” and that Peters’ response was somewhat reasonable. He stated, “I accept that the stabbing occurred in a moment of rage, as you were enraged by what the deceased had done to you and⁣ was threatening to do to you again.” However, the justice also noted that if Peters‌ had called ‌the authorities ⁤after the incident,​ the outcome may have been ⁢different. Instead,⁤ she chose to hide what she had done, which‍ ultimately led to a harsher sentence.

Boddice also expressed disappointment in Peters’ lack of respect for Cassar’s body. He stated, ⁢”After ⁢he raped her and threatened ⁤the life ‌of​ her child, Justice Boddice hoped she would ‍have shown his‍ corpse more human dignity.” Despite the fact that Cassar was a known rapist who had systematically abused Peters, the judge still felt ​pity for⁢ his family, stating that they would never recover from his death.

Peters’ upbringing was filled with drug abuse, and she was a victim of sexual assault and misconduct⁣ from a young age. Cassar was one of her abusers, and she believed that he deserved ‌what he got after⁤ threatening her child’s‌ life. While her actions may have been understandable given the circumstances, the court punished her more severely because she tried to ⁤hide the body. If she⁣ had called the police and explained what had happened, she may have received a lighter⁤ sentence.

It is ⁣not difficult to⁣ imagine the intense rage and anger ⁤that Peters must have felt towards Cassar. Not only had he previously raped her, but he also ​threatened to do it again, this time involving her child. The question remains, should Australia have locked Peters up for how she ‌killed her rapist? While ⁣her ⁢actions were undoubtedly extreme, they were driven by a traumatic past and a desire to protect her⁢ child. Perhaps a more compassionate approach could have been taken in this case.

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