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NCIS” Actress Pauley Perrette Opens Up About Overcoming a “Massive” Stroke: Her Emotional Message

Pauley Perrette, best known for her role as Abby Sciuto on ⁢the hit show NCIS, has ‌recently made⁢ a ‌major career⁢ change. ⁣After leaving the show ⁣following ⁣a series⁢ of unpleasant ‍incidents, the 52-year-old actress has shifted her focus to comedy and philanthropy.

Despite ‍the challenges⁣ she has‍ faced, Perrette has had a long and successful⁣ career, and ‍even‌ survived a life-threatening ⁢stroke. But now, she is using her platform to make a positive impact on the world.

Perrette’s departure from NCIS in 2017 was met ⁣with controversy, as she took to social media to imply that she had left the show due to “multiple physical” offenses.​ It was later revealed‌ that her ‌relationship ‍with ⁣co-star Mark Harmon had turned ⁣icy after a ‌dog⁣ bite incident on⁤ set.


⁣Despite the acrimonious ending, Perrette ‍still holds fond memories‍ of her time on the show and the impact her character had on‍ fans.

In​ a ​recent interview, Perrette ‍expressed her sadness ⁣at leaving the show and‍ the character she had ‍played for 15 seasons. She even admitted to crying ⁤in ⁢her car every day on her way to work.

However, she ⁢has since moved on to a⁤ new comedy⁢ show, Broke, and has reunited with her former co-star Michael Weatherly, who she considers to be ⁢like a brother.

While Perrette⁣ may have left the world of crime solving⁤ behind, she has not forgotten her roots. In ‍fact, she has used her platform to give⁢ back to the community and support causes close⁣ to her ​heart.


In 2018, she announced that she had created‍ two scholarships for⁣ female students⁣ majoring in criminal justice, in hopes ⁣of inspiring more women to pursue careers in science and math. She also received‍ the Tom Mankiewicz Leadership Award from the LA⁤ Zoo for her philanthropic work with animals.

Perrette’s love ‍for animals is well-known, as all three ​of her dogs are ⁤rescues. She has been a vocal​ advocate for ⁤animal rights and has used her fame⁢ to bring attention to various animal causes. In a 2013 interview, she ⁢expressed her ⁢obsession with ⁢animals ‍and her ⁣desire to⁣ make ‌a positive impact on their lives.

Despite the ⁢challenges ⁣she has faced, ‍Pauley Perrette remains a strong‍ and resilient woman, using​ her⁣ talents and platform to‍ make ⁢a difference in the world. From ⁣her​ iconic role ​on NCIS to her current ‌endeavors‍ in comedy and philanthropy, Perrette continues to inspire ‌and touch the lives of many.Pauley Perrette, known ⁢for‍ her⁢ role as Abby Sciutto on the popular show NCIS, has been ⁤keeping busy‍ since her departure from the show.

After⁢ a brief ​stint⁣ in television comedy with Broke, Pauley is now back in the news for ‌a different ⁣reason. In a recent interview with USA Today, she ‍revealed that she suffered‍ a‍ life-threatening stroke ​last year. This shocking news has left fans concerned​ and wanting to know‌ more about ⁤her‍ current health and well-being.

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Pauley has a long ⁤history ⁣in the entertainment‌ industry, with experience in​ both comedy and drama. She ​has been ​a part of hit shows like Frasier⁢ and The Drew​ Carey ⁣Show, and her return to comedy with Broke​ was highly ⁤anticipated. However, the show was labeled ‍as a⁤ “limited series” and the last episode aired in May of 2020. Since ​then, no new credits‌ have been added‍ to Pauley’s name.

In September‍ of ‍2020, ‍Pauley⁤ announced through her Twitter account that she had suffered a “massive” stroke the year before. She ⁣also shared that she ⁢had lost many beloved family and friends⁤ before the medical event. In a video included ⁣in the ⁢post, ​she⁣ expressed ⁢her gratitude for still being alive and thanked her ⁢friends for their support.


In ⁤a recent interview with Entertainment Now, Pauley recalled the terrifying moment she had ‍her stroke.​ She woke​ up with no feeling on the entire right ​side ‍of her body and initially​ thought she had just slept funny. However, when ⁤she realized the extent of the numbness,⁣ she called her doctor who advised her to ⁢go ‌to the emergency room‍ immediately.

Today, one year later, Pauley is doing well and wants ⁢to raise awareness about strokes and the importance of seeking medical ​help immediately. She also wants ​to remind people that strokes​ can happen at any age,⁢ as ⁢she herself had ‍one at the age of 52.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 11: Musician Coyote Shivers and wife actress Pauley Perrette attend the premiere of “Down & Out With The Dolls” at CineSpace on March 11, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Aside from her health, Pauley has also been in ⁤the​ news for her ​love life. She was previously married to musician​ Coyote Shivers, but their marriage ended in a messy ‌divorce. She also got engaged to cameraman Michael Bosman, but ⁤they never married. ⁢Most recently, she was⁣ engaged to former ‌British Royal Marine ‌Thomas Arklie, but ​the couple split in late 2016 or early 2017. In a ⁣2018 interview with ⁤CBS, ⁣Pauley stated⁤ that ⁤she was not looking for a partner and⁢ was‍ happy doing whatever she wanted.

We are ​relieved to hear ⁣that Pauley is doing well ⁤after ‌her stroke​ and we wish her all the best in the future. She has⁢ been through a lot in the​ past few ‍years, ⁢but she remains strong and resilient. We hope to⁤ see her back ⁤on-screen​ soon and we⁤ send our support ‍to her⁣ during this time. Please share this article to⁢ show your support for Pauley Perrette.

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