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Outrage Ensues as Mother Shares Photo of Her Precious Newborn’s Tiny Hands

A photo of​ a newborn with surprisingly long and pointed nails has⁣ caused⁣ concern ⁤on social media, leading to discussions about the potential dangers of such “claws.” The ⁤image, which was⁣ shared on Facebook and has ‌since gone viral on Twitter, shows a woman’s thumb holding the ⁣infant’s hand, revealing meticulously crafted fake‍ nails.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The⁢ woman who posted the photo captioned it ⁣with a ​boastful message, offering to do other people’s babies’ nails at a cheap rate. However, critics were quick to point out the potential risks of the infant’s adorned nails. One person commented that baby‍ nails ⁤are already sharp enough and​ equipping them‍ with fake⁤ nails is a hard pass.

The ​pictures in the post showcase ⁤the baby wearing false nails in various styles, including pointed, ⁢talon-like nails and more rounded edges. The ​designs featured⁢ the⁢ stiletto shape, a ⁤square, and​ an oval edge.

Photo Credit: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger/Facebook

The ‍controversial advertisement caught the attention of​ Reddit users, sparking outrage among parents who highlighted‌ the potential dangers of this trend. One individual stated that babies’ nails should be kept short⁣ to prevent them from ⁤hurting themselves, and this trend is trashy and stupid. Another person pointed ⁣out that babies often poke themselves in ⁣the ⁤eyes or face, and even without nails,​ they can leave scratch marks. Giving them fake nails is highly​ dangerous ‍and​ will only harm the baby ‍further.

Concerned for the baby’s safety, a third person added that while painting‌ a baby’s nails may be understandable, ‌giving them fake ones is too‍ risky. Babies are always touching their faces, so ⁢the​ nails could easily⁢ hurt their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are older.

Photo Credit: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger/Facebook

Some⁣ individuals speculated that the nails in the photo were digitally‍ added, while others recalled a‍ similar incident that ⁣gained attention in December. However, ⁣it’s important to note that keeping ‌babies’⁤ nails short is ⁢recommended to prevent accidental scratching, especially for newborns born after their due dates when their nails may be longer and sharper.

In light ‍of⁢ these discussions, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of infants. While online trends‍ may spark⁤ debates ⁤and divisions, the health⁤ and ​happiness of ​babies should always be​ the top priority during their early ‍stages of life.

Photo Credit: Nelliamo Maphanga – Koeberger/Facebook

Sources:⁤ Daily ​Mail,​ current statistics on infant nail care‌ and safety.

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