Friday, May 17, 2024

Outraged Customers Discover Shocking Receipt at Popular Restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings, a popular chicken wing restaurant, has once again come under fire⁢ for their deceptive‍ business⁣ practices.‍ In a recent class action lawsuit, it was alleged that the ​chain was charging customers a secret takeout fee ‌without properly disclosing it. And now, just a few months later, the ⁢chain has been caught trying to sneakily upcharge customers at select locations.

According to reports, as of June 21, 2023, some Buffalo Wild Wings locations ​were charging an additional ninety-nine cents as a “test” to see if customers would​ notice ‌and​ still pay. However, with the public becoming aware of this scheme, the chain has announced that they will⁤ be ending the test and removing the fee by the end of the summer.

A spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings stated, “Several of ⁣our restaurants have been testing a⁣ takeout fee, which is disclosed to guests prior to purchase. However, we have ‌decided to end the test and remove the fee by the end of this summer.”

This news comes after ​a class action lawsuit was filed against the chain on ⁢July 13, 2022, in the circuit court of Montgomery ⁤County, ⁢Maryland. The lawsuit, filed by plaintiff Divane ​Pittman, claims that Buffalo Wild Wings was engaging in “false and‍ deceptive” ⁤business practices by charging customers a hidden ⁣fee for takeout orders. Pittman, a former loyal customer, was shocked to discover⁢ that she ‌had been charged this fee without her knowledge.

The lawsuit also alleges ‍that‍ Buffalo Wild Wings was the only restaurant in its⁢ category to use this deceptive tactic, stating that no other similar establishments were charging a takeout fee. The ‌complaint seeks class ⁤status and restitution⁣ for all​ customers who were affected by this deceptive pricing practice, as well as a ⁢demand for the⁣ chain to stop using the fee altogether.

Pittman is‍ represented by consumer ⁣protection lawyers from Golomb & Honik, P.C., a national law firm based in Philadelphia. The attorneys specialize in complex litigation, including class action matters related to consumer fraud ⁢and false advertising. ‌They believe that the defendant’s deceptive pricing practices could potentially impact millions of customers who have ⁣been exposed to this fraudulent activity.

In ⁣light of these⁣ recent events, it is clear that Buffalo Wild Wings has been engaging in deceptive business practices in an attempt to increase their profits. Customers should be aware of these tactics and demand transparency from⁤ the chain.⁤ It is important for businesses to be honest and upfront with their customers, and Buffalo⁤ Wild Wings should be held ⁢accountable for their actions.

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