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Outraged Homeowner: Neighbor’s Fence Cuts Through Garage and Pool!

A resident of Orlando, Florida, discovered the consequences of ‌trying‍ to⁤ profit ⁣from their property. The homeowner owned a large plot of land and decided to divide it into two separate properties. However, when they attempted‌ to sell ⁣one of⁣ the plots to the ⁢highest bidder in Delaney Park, things quickly took a ⁣turn for the worse.

Orlando City Councilwoman Patty Sheehan compared ⁤the ‍situation to the infamous Hatfield ​and McCoy feud, ⁢stating that⁢ the disagreements surrounding the Delaney ‍Park properties would never ⁢be resolved.

The homeowner had​ two​ separate mortgages for‍ each ⁢property. They made the decision to merge the properties by ​constructing a single ⁤building in between them. ⁢At the time, ⁣this may​ have seemed like ⁤a smart move,‍ but⁢ it‌ would ⁣ultimately prove to be ⁤a‍ costly ‍mistake.

When the mortgages ⁢went into‌ foreclosure,⁤ the bank⁣ took ​possession of the property with ⁤the home, while the ⁣other plot⁣ with the pool went back to the‍ original⁢ owner. For six years, ⁢the vacant‍ home sat untouched as the ​bank struggled to figure‌ out what to do with this unusual Florida property that had been built on split mortgage land.

Neighbor Richard Sconyers​ shared the challenges‍ they faced ⁢due to the ‍abandoned‍ property, stating, “We’ve had to deal with vagrants and constantly monitor the property. It takes up a ‍lot of our time⁤ and effort⁤ to maintain​ it.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the smaller plot of land,⁢ which was not large enough to build a‍ house on, decided to build a fence. This fence was placed‌ directly over ⁢the pool and ‌through the garage⁣ of the other ⁣home, effectively blocking their access and decreasing the value of the property. ‌This was a ‍result of the original owner’s poor decision to merge the⁤ properties and their inability to maintain the extravagant plan.

An offer⁤ was made to purchase the property with the home for $300,000, but the bank refused. In turn, the bank offered ⁤$40,000 ​to the owner of the smaller plot of land in exchange for their small sliver of land,‍ allowing them to regain ⁤access to⁣ half of the garage and pool and remove the⁣ fence⁣ once and for all.

Fortunately,‍ the local Florida City Council‌ intervened and voted in favor of the original ‍owner, allowing them to build a small property on their land.

Jeff Aaron of the GrayRobinson law ‍firm ⁢expressed relief at the outcome, stating, “We paid ‍a significant amount ‌of money for‌ this land and for four years, Deutsche Bank has prevented us from developing it.”

However, the issue of the fence still remains, as no‌ one wants to deal with the bank’s ‌eyesore. This serves⁤ as a cautionary​ tale ⁣for homeowners to carefully consider their decisions and the potential consequences​ before making any changes to their property.

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