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Outraged Viewers Demand Cancellation of Pat Sajak Over Controversial Question to Vanna White

Pat Sajak, the 75-year-old host ‌of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, has recently faced backlash from the “woke” ⁣community for ⁤a question he asked his co-host⁤ Vanna White, 65. During⁣ a ⁢Wednesday night episode, Sajak asked White a personal question that ​was misinterpreted by viewers at home, leading to accusations ⁤of harassment.

The incident occurred after contestant Ashley Fabian, a professional opera singer, won a significant amount of money and prizes ​on the show. ​Sajak, ​knowing Fabian’s profession, decided‌ to engage in a conversation about opera with White while the​ credits rolled and‍ the show ‌came to an end.

Sajak asked White, “Are‍ you‌ an opera buff at all?” to which she replied, “Yes, I’m not a⁤ buff, ‍but I like opera.” Sajak then followed up with, “Have you ever watched opera in the buff? I’m just curious.” This elicited a few laughs from the ‍studio audience, but also a lot of groans.

White,⁤ maintaining her professionalism, shut⁤ down Sajak’s question with a firm “no” and a tone that⁣ made ⁢it clear he should not continue with that‌ line of questioning.

The incident sparked a conversation on social media,‌ with many viewers ‌accusing Sajak of making a “metoo” moment on the show. One Twitter user wrote, “I feel⁣ like I⁢ just witnessed a #metoo moment on​ Wheel of Fortune?” while another said, “My wife ⁤and I looked at each other, and​ we were like, what did we just ⁢hear?”

Some viewers even called for Sajak ⁢to be replaced, with one former‌ fan tweeting, “I feel sorry for Vanna for having to stand there and smile through Pat’s ‘metoo’ comments. He thinks he’s funny, ‍but he is totally inappropriate. Children watch this⁢ show and see this. He needs to go ASAP.”

Others defended Sajak, stating that his joke was ⁢not cancelable and that it was just a cringe-worthy moment. One person wrote, “Not very appropriate and cringe? Yes…. Cancelable? No.”

The incident also sparked a discussion about the behavior of the older generation, with one viewer asserting, ‌”Boomers are the target audience for this program. ‍They think the behavior ⁢is funny⁢ & completely acceptable. Wheel is out of touch with the​ younger audiences & ‌their⁣ views.”

In conclusion, Sajak’s question to White may have ⁣been ‌misinterpreted‌ and caused controversy, but it⁣ also brought ⁢attention to the issue of inappropriate behavior and the need ‌for more sensitivity in the media. As a society, we must continue to have these ⁣conversations and hold people accountable‍ for their ​actions.

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