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Outrageous Restaurant Surcharge: Mom Fumes Over $50 ‘Bad Parent’ Fee

A recent dining⁢ experience at a restaurant in Georgia has sparked outrage and debate after a couple was ⁢hit with a $50 “Bad Parent” surcharge. Kyle and Lyndsey‌ Landmann, a Florida couple, were visiting Toccoa River Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia when they were greeted with a controversial policy that left them in shock.

Lyndsey Landmann was left outraged after visiting Toccoa River Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The Landmanns, who were dining with their sons and four other families, initially thought the warning on the restaurant’s menu regarding etiquette was ‍a joke. However, they soon learned ⁤that the ⁤restaurant was⁤ serious when they were charged an additional ⁢$50 at the end‍ of‍ their meal.

According⁤ to the couple, their children were well-behaved throughout the meal ​and⁤ they did not deserve the surcharge. However, the restaurant owner, Tim Richter, claimed that the children were ⁣”too loud” and “running around outside” even though they were supervised by adults. This led to a heated⁤ confrontation​ between the Landmanns and Richter, with the owner even telling them that‌ they ⁣belonged ⁢at Burger⁣ King⁤ instead ‌of his restaurant.

When Lyndsey Landmann saw the warning on the menu, she thought it was a joke. (Photo Credit: Toccoa Riverside Restaurant menu)

The⁤ incident gained attention when Kyle Landmann left a one-star review on Google, with other parents sharing similar ‌experiences. However, there were also those ⁤who supported the restaurant’s policy, stating that something needed to⁢ be done about unruly children in public places.

While the restaurant has received backlash for their controversial policy, they have stated that it‌ is a long-standing rule and they have no plans to‌ change it. As a business, they have⁢ the right to decide whether they want to be family-friendly or⁢ not.

Lyndsey and Kyle Landmann snapped a photo with friends outside the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Lyndsey Landmann via Today)

This incident has sparked a debate about parenting⁣ and children’s ⁣behavior in public places. While it is subjective to determine what is considered “good” or “bad” behavior, it is important for parents to be mindful of their ⁢children’s​ actions and choose ⁢appropriate places to dine with them. It is also the responsibility‍ of the restaurant to clearly state their policies and any ‍additional charges on their menu.

In conclusion, this incident ⁤serves as a‍ reminder that not all⁣ places‍ are suitable for young children and it is important for both‍ parents and businesses to be considerate of each other. Instead of being outraged, ⁤it is ‍best to choose a family-friendly option or a ⁢restaurant that ⁤clearly states their policies regarding ⁤children.

Lyndsey Landmann claims her kids were well-behaved at the restaurant and that the charge was unwarranted. (Photo credit: Courtesy Lyndsey Landmann via Today)
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