Thursday, June 13, 2024

Pat Sajak, Host of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Shocks Fans by Body Slamming Contestant

“Wheel of Fortune” is a very popular game show and fun to watch because it’s easy to play along at home. It’s fun to try to guess the puzzles and see if you get the answer right before the contestants.

Sometimes people watching at home are amazed at how easily they solve the puzzles while the contestants on the show seem to struggle to come up with the correct answer. Other times, viewers at home and even the other contestants on the show are shocked when one contestant is able to correctly solve a puzzle that seems difficult to solve.

Then there’s the case of a contestant named Fred. Fred left the two other contestants on the show penniless as he won round after round after round of the show solving every single puzzle correctly. He even managed to solve the final puzzle correctly earning him an extra $40,000.

While fans of the show were impressed with Fred’s performance, they were also a little bit confused by what game show host Pat Sajak did at the very end of the show. After Fred answered the final puzzle correctly, Sajak body slammed Fred and tried to tackle him to the ground. See this bizarre incident for yourself in the video below.

This video left some viewers asking, “What was with Pat at the end?”

“Wheel of Fortune” posted a longer video showing highlights of Fred’s experience on the show, and at one point Sajak mentions something about Fred that explains Sajak’s antics at the end of the show. See the highlight reel for yourself.

Did you catch that? Fred is a professional wrestler. Sajak joked mid-way through the show that he might “body slam” Fred, and after he won everything by playing a completely perfect game, it seems that Sajak decided it was time to stay true to his word and have a little fun with the winning contestant.

While some found the wrestling move at the end strange, others found it humorous. One viewer wrote, “Pat has a superior sense of comedy and is as close as we can get to Johnny Carson these days.”

Another comment reads, “Pat’s a strange guy, but I mean that in the best possible way.”

Do you think it was weird for Sajak to body slam Fred at the end of the show, or did you find it humorous and see it as Sajak trying to be funny since Fred’s a professional wrestler?

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