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Prepare to Be Shocked: ‘NCIS’ Star Linda Hunt’s Unrecognizable Transformation in Historic Role Will Leave Fans Speechless!

Linda Hunt’s career in Hollywood may not ​have started off as a ​superstar, but her determination and passion for ‍acting have led her⁣ to‌ become a beloved⁤ and respected actress. Despite facing ⁢challenges ⁣and setbacks, ​Hunt never gave up on her dreams and has become ​an inspiration to many.

Born on ⁢April 2, 1945, in Morristown, New Jersey, Hunt faced difficulties growing up due ⁤to her stunted physical and mental growth.⁢ She was ⁢diagnosed with a form of cretinism, which could have led to her ​being institutionalized. However, her parents, ⁢Elsie and Raymond Hunt, were determined to ‌support her ⁤and used books and theater to encourage her development.

Hunt’s love for acting and theater ‍was‍ sparked at a ​young age when her parents took her to see the Broadway musical “Peter ⁤Pan.” She was captivated by the lead actress, Mary Martin, and was inspired by her​ ability to make others ​believe in the world she created. Despite struggling⁢ in school due‌ to her learning difficulties⁣ and short stature, Hunt never ⁢gave up ‌on‍ her dream ⁢of becoming an actress.


After studying at the Interlochen Arts Academy and the Theatre ‍School of DePaul ​University, Hunt moved to New York‌ City to pursue her passion for theater. She made her ​Broadway debut in 1975‌ and landed her first on-screen role in the film “Fame”⁢ in 1978. However, it was ‌her role‌ as Billy Kwan ⁤in the ‍1982 film⁢ “The Year ‌of Living Dangerously” that made her a ​household name and⁣ earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Hunt’s ⁢success‌ continued with roles in films such as “Dune” and “Silverado,” and she also made appearances on​ television‍ shows like “The Practice” and⁤ “Without ‍a ‍Trace.” In 2009, she landed ⁣the role of Hetty on the hit crime series “NCIS,” which has become one of her most iconic roles ⁢to date.


Despite facing challenges and setbacks in her career,‌ Hunt has remained determined and ​dedicated to her craft. She has become a role model for many, proving that with hard⁣ work and perseverance, anything is possible. Her inspiring journey serves as a ‌reminder⁢ to never give up on ‌your‍ dreams, no matter the obstacles ​you may face.

In conclusion, ‍Linda Hunt’s career in Hollywood may not have started off as a superstar, but her talent, determination, and passion ‍have made‍ her a beloved⁤ and respected actress.‍ She continues ⁢to inspire others with her inspiring journey and serves ⁢as a reminder‌ to never give up on your dreams.

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Linda Hunt is a talented actress who ​made ⁣history as the first person to win an Academy⁣ Award‌ for playing a cis-gender character of the opposite sex. She is best known for her role as Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange ‌on the‌ hit‌ show​ NCIS: ​Los Angeles. However, her ⁣journey ⁣to‌ success ⁣was not an easy one.

In ‍this article, we will explore how Linda⁢ Hunt’s groundbreaking performance in The Year of Living Dangerously paved ⁢the​ way for‍ her successful career and how ​she‍ continues to inspire audiences⁢ today.


During the casting process for The ⁢Year of Living Dangerously, producer ‌Peter Weir had a difficult time finding an actor‍ who could portray the role of⁢ photographer Billy Kwan. ‌After Australian dancer David Atkins‍ was let go due to conflicts with ​lead actor Mel Gibson, the casting department suggested Linda Hunt for the⁢ role. Despite being a woman, Hunt’s audition ⁢was so impressive that she⁤ was ultimately cast‌ as Billy Kwan.

At first, Hunt wanted the script to be changed‌ to suit ⁢her as a woman, but Weir⁤ insisted ​that she play the role as a man. Hunt accepted the challenge and transformed‍ herself ​into Billy Kwan by cutting her hair, dying it, and shaving her eyebrows. ‍She even went as far as wearing a mustache and pieces of rubber over her ⁢eyes⁢ to​ make her‌ appear more “oriental.” This transformation was controversial, but Hunt⁣ was determined to fully ​embody​ the character.

Her dedication‍ paid off, and Hunt’s performance as Billy Kwan was praised⁣ by critics and‍ audiences ‌alike.​ She ⁢became the first person to win an Academy Award for playing a ​character of the opposite sex, breaking barriers and paving the way⁤ for future actors​ to take on challenging‍ and⁤ unconventional roles.

Despite her groundbreaking performance, Hunt’s ⁣career‍ did⁣ not immediately take off.⁢ She continued to‍ work in theater and television, but it wasn’t until ‌she ⁤landed the role of⁤ Hetty Lange on NCIS: Los Angeles ⁤that she became ‌a household name. ⁣Her portrayal of the tough and enigmatic‍ Operations Manager has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

In 2020, ⁣Hunt’s absence from the show due to COVID-19 concerns sparked rumors‍ that she may‍ not return. However, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill ‌confirmed that Hunt had received both of‍ her vaccines and was ⁤eager to return to‌ the set. She made a few appearances in the show’s 12th season and⁢ is set to return ‍as a series ⁢regular in the upcoming 13th season.

Linda⁣ Hunt’s groundbreaking performance in The Year of ⁣Living Dangerously​ not ⁣only⁣ earned her an Academy Award but also opened doors‌ for actors to take on unconventional roles. ‌Her dedication and talent ​continue to inspire audiences today, and her role as Hetty⁢ Lange on ⁤NCIS: Los Angeles has solidified her as a​ true Hollywood icon. We can’t wait to see what she brings to⁣ the screen in the future.

Linda Hunt: Her Wealth and Success in Hollywood

In ⁤January ‍of⁣ 2023, Linda Hunt made a special appearance in⁢ a ‍three-way crossover event between the popular crime ⁣dramas NCIS, NCIS:​ Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawaii. This was ⁤just⁤ one of many successful ⁤moments in her long and ⁣illustrious⁢ career in Hollywood.

However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing ⁣for‌ Hunt. In July 2018, she⁢ was involved in a ​car accident⁣ that left her with minor injuries. As ‌a result, she had to take a‍ break from filming NCIS: Los Angeles for almost‌ the entire 10th ⁤season and part of the 11th season.

Despite this setback, Hunt ⁤has proven time and​ time again that she is a talented and resilient actress. ⁣In fact, she has even taken on ⁢other acting projects, ⁢including voice acting for films and video games, during her‌ breaks from NCIS: Los Angeles.

But with a net worth of approximately $12 million, Hunt certainly doesn’t have to worry ​about financial struggles⁣ during her ⁤time‍ off.​ According ‌to Celebrity Net Worth, she earns an impressive $80,000 per episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. This⁣ is a testament​ to her⁢ hard work and dedication to her craft.

It’s clear that Hunt’s success in Hollywood is well-deserved.⁤ She has captivated‍ audiences with her talent and⁢ charm, and her⁢ wealth is a reflection of her hard work and determination. So⁣ let’s take a ​moment to appreciate and celebrate this incredible actress⁣ and her‌ achievements.

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