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Prepare to Be Terrified: Witness the World’s Scariest Bridge Through These Terrifying Photos

The Ruyi Bridge, also known as the scariest bridge in ⁢the world, has gained viral attention for its terrifying design and location in China. While locals may‌ refer to it as the Ruyi Bridge, it has become a sensation on social media as⁣ people share their experiences of⁤ attempting to ⁣cross this double-decker bridge made entirely of glass, suspended 460 feet above a deep ravine.

One Twitter user⁢ expressed skepticism about the bridge’s authenticity, stating, “If this is real, there ⁤would be a location (long/lat), so I ⁤call it fake.” However, according to a YouTube channel called Oriental Image, ⁢the⁢ bridge, located in the Shenxianju Scenic Area in Xianju county, ​is⁤ shaped like a jade‌ Ruyi and has become a popular ⁤spot for tourists to take photos. The ​aerial footage of the bridge was uploaded to YouTube in November 2020.

Despite its short length of only 328 feet, the⁢ Ruyi Bridge was designed to evoke fear in those brave enough to cross it. Its ‍transparent ⁢glass structure allows visitors to see the bottom⁤ of the ravine while standing on the bridge, adding to ​the thrill and terror of the experience. The⁢ bridge was designed by He Yunchang, a steel expert who also⁢ helped create the iconic Bird’s Nest Stadium for the 2008⁢ Olympics in Beijing.

Not only⁣ is the ‍Ruyi Bridge known for its terrifying design, but it ⁢is also one of the highest bridges in the world. ‌Since its opening‌ in September 2020, it has already attracted over 200,000 visitors. A report‌ by Daily Mail on the ⁣bridge received hundreds of comments from viewers worldwide, with many expressing their fear and hesitation to cross it.

Some‌ readers even shared their concerns about the bridge being made in China, with one stating, “I don’t trust ‌anything made in China.” However, others defended the country’s innovation and progress, with one comment reading, “While China is busy building and‍ innovating, British are busy pulling down statues.”

The Ruyi Bridge continues to be a ⁢popular tourist‌ attraction, with its unique and terrifying⁤ design drawing in visitors ⁣from ⁣all over the world. Would you dare to cross this glass-bottom bridge in China? The decision ⁣is yours.

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