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Prepare to Cringe: The Most Unbearable First-Date Stories You’ll Ever Hear

First dates can be nerve-wracking ⁤and anxiety-inducing. You’re unsure if you like⁢ the⁢ person and you’re not ⁣sure how to act. And​ sometimes, ​things can ‌go terribly wrong. We’ve compiled ⁤a list of ⁤terrible first date experiences that will make you question whether to laugh or cry.

The⁣ Importance of Tipping

One⁣ Reddit user, ‍Westonworld, shared her worst ⁢date story. She wrote, “He insisted on paying for our dinner instead of going Dutch, and then totally stiffed ​the server. I⁢ tried to leave a tip and he got pissed at me because he was paying and it ⁢was⁤ his decision to tip or not.”

Not only is this ‍situation embarrassing, but ‍it also‍ shows a lack of consideration⁢ for​ others. Tipping‍ staff is important⁤ and not⁢ doing so can be⁣ a major turn-off.

A Scary Situation

Another user, DopeCharma, shared a scary‌ experience on‍ a ⁣first ⁢date. She wrote, “She took her hands off the wheel and said, ‘You ⁢think I’m craaazzyy?!’ I literally ⁣jumped out ​at the next light.”

This ⁢is a terrifying situation, especially on a‌ first date‌ where you may ​not know the person well. It’s ‌important to trust your instincts and remove yourself ‌from any dangerous situations.

Insulting Comments

User ShatteredKitkat shared ‍her nightmare first date, ‍saying, “He said women were stupid and would believe anything he told them. I⁣ am a woman.” This is not only insulting, but it ⁤also⁣ shows a ⁣lack of respect for women. Kudos to this person ⁢for keeping their temper in check.

Saved as “Free‌ Food”

User Sol-Blackguy shared what may be the worst first date ever. He ⁤wrote, “Went on a date with a woman from ⁤the office. Thought we had good chemistry‍ and got​ along well. She couldn’t find her phone so I tried calling it and someone from the restaurant answered. I went back‌ in for her to get ⁤it and the⁢ waiter showed me I was saved in her contacts under ‘Free Food’.”

This is a major red flag and a clear indication that the person is only interested⁣ in using their date for​ a free meal. It’s important to be aware of these warning⁤ signs⁣ and not let yourself be taken advantage of.

Awkward Conversations

User wr_gix shared a cringe-worthy first date experience, saying, “The girl who ⁣spent⁢ the ‌first half of the dinner ‍date talking about her⁣ irritable bowel syndrome and then switched​ to ​her love ⁤for God after ‌the⁤ main course.”

It’s ⁢important to be ⁤mindful of the topics ⁢you discuss on a first date. Some things, like‌ bodily ‌functions, are better⁤ left for later in the relationship.

A​ Surprising Revelation

User 4Ever2Thee ⁢shared a shocking first date experience, ​saying, “The date was going great but⁤ we were talking about family, friends, and all that and I realized​ that I’d slept with⁤ her sister.”

This is‍ a major bombshell to drop on‌ a first date and can definitely make things awkward. It’s important to be ⁤honest and ⁣upfront about any‍ past relationships, especially​ if ⁤they involve someone close to ⁣your ‌date.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of terrible first​ dates that ⁣may have left some people with a bad taste in⁢ their ⁣mouths. It’s important to trust your instincts and be aware of any red flags. Have you had ⁣a terrible first date experience? Share‍ it with us ‍in the comments!

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