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Princess Kate’s Brave Revelation: How She Told Her Three Children About Her Cancer Diagnosis

The Duchess ​of Cambridge made sure to inform her closest friends⁢ and family about her⁣ cancer‌ diagnosis before announcing it to the‍ public.

On Friday, two months after undergoing planned‍ abdominal ⁣surgery at The London Clinic, Kate shared ⁤a video message where she revealed, “It has been an incredibly ⁣tough ​couple ⁤of months for our entire family, but I’ve had a fantastic medical team who have taken ⁢great care of me, for ‍which⁣ I am so grateful.

“In‌ January, I had major abdominal surgery in London and at⁢ the time, it was believed to be⁢ non-cancerous. However, tests after ⁤the operation showed that‌ cancer​ was present. ⁤My medical ⁤team advised⁣ me to ​undergo preventative chemotherapy⁢ and I am currently in the⁣ early ⁤stages of treatment.”

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The Duchess also mentioned how her family has‍ been privately‌ dealing with the news,⁤ including her husband Prince William, ‍who has continued with his royal duties except for‌ King Constantine’s memorial service, and their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte,⁣ and​ Prince Louis, who have continued attending school.

To ‌maintain a sense of ⁤normalcy and reassure their children, especially after Kate’s hospital stay in January, the ‌couple first processed the news ​themselves before discussing it with their kids. In her message, Kate mentioned that ⁤she and William took ‌time to discuss “what is ‍appropriate” to tell their young⁤ family.

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“William and I have been doing everything we can to handle⁣ this⁤ privately for ‌the sake of our young family. As you can ⁤imagine, this has taken time. It‌ took me time to recover⁣ from major surgery before starting my treatment. But most importantly, it took us time to‍ explain everything to George, Charlotte, and Louis in a way that they could ⁣understand‍ and to reassure them that‍ I⁢ will‍ be okay.

“As I told​ them, I am doing well and getting ⁤stronger every day by focusing on things that will help me ‍heal ​in my ​mind, body, and⁣ spirit.

“Having William by my side ‌is a ‍great source⁤ of comfort ‌and reassurance. The love, support, and kindness shown by so⁤ many of you also mean ⁢a lot to us. We hope you understand that ​as a family, we‌ need ​some time, space, and privacy ‍while I complete my treatment.”

Princess Kate, who has not disclosed the type of cancer⁣ she has, has not made any public appearances in 2024, with her‍ last⁤ one being ​for Christmas 2023. As she rested at home, speculations about her health began to arise, especially ⁣after‌ her Photoshopped Mother’s ⁣Day photo.

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Kensington Palace dismissed social media ‍speculations with a spokesperson for ‍Kate stating, “We were very ​clear ⁣from the beginning that the Duchess‌ of⁣ Cambridge would ‍be ‍out until after Easter and that Kensington Palace would only provide updates when there was significant news.”

As‍ the Duchess mentioned in her message, the couple’s silence on the matter was likely to protect ⁢their children. Like⁢ any ‍parents, they wanted their kids to ‌be aware of Kate’s health‍ and treatment plan before facing any questions or comments from‍ school or friends.

This comes after several ⁣other sad cancer ⁢diagnoses within the royal family. In January, Sarah Ferguson confirmed ​that she ⁤had been‍ diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer, just six months after being treated for breast cancer. Meanwhile, in​ February, King Charles announced that his medical team discovered cancer while treating him for​ an enlarged prostate, but‍ it was later confirmed to not be⁤ prostate cancer.

In a statement, the palace said, “During the ⁣King’s⁢ recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern⁣ was noted. Further‌ diagnostic‌ tests‍ revealed ⁣a form of cancer.

“His Majesty has started a regular treatment schedule, ‍and his doctors have ‍advised him ​to postpone public⁣ appearances. During this time,‍ he will ‍continue ​with state ​business and official paperwork as usual.”

The statement continued, “The King is grateful to ⁣his medical ⁢team ‌for their quick⁢ intervention, made possible by his ⁤recent hospital procedure, and⁤ looks forward to returning to his full public duties as soon‌ as​ possible.”

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