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Protecting Our Children: Why One Mom Stands By Her Decision to Monitor Their Phones

As ⁢a parent, it can be challenging ‌to make all the right decisions for your children. ​However, it is ‍important‌ to always strive to⁤ do your best⁢ when guiding them towards making the ‌right choices.

One mother from ⁣North​ Carolina, Laura Muse, has made ‌it her mission to⁤ monitor her teenage children’s screen time and online​ activities. Every night, at 11:30 pm, she follows a routine with her son Cohen, tucking him into bed with a kiss‍ before taking away ⁣his⁢ cell phone for the night. This is ‌just one of the ways Muse manages​ her children’s​ screen time and ensures they get enough rest and behave responsibly online.

As a mental health⁢ clinician and the owner of her children’s phones, Muse believes it is her responsibility ⁣to monitor their digital ‍behavior. She acknowledges that some ⁤may view her actions as ​an invasion of privacy, but she⁢ sees ‌it as ⁢a⁤ necessary ​part ⁤of parenting.

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Muse is not alone in her approach, as⁤ many parents under the hashtag #RaisingTeens share their‍ tactics⁤ for supervising their teenagers’ ​online activities.‍ A survey by Malwarebytes found that 54% of‍ parents​ use⁢ multiple methods⁢ to ⁤monitor their teens, including GPS​ tracking and reviewing texts and social​ media posts.

Muse’s⁢ vigilance⁢ began when her children first got their phones⁢ at the age of 11.⁢ Initially, she ​conducted random weekly inspections, but now, with her children in their teens, the​ checks are less frequent. While she trusts her children, Muse⁣ believes that monitoring⁢ their digital behavior can prevent them from engaging ‌in inappropriate⁤ activities and protect ‍them from online dangers.

Her interventions have sometimes revealed concerning behavior, such as her‌ son posting inappropriate content on social media. Muse believes ‌that addressing these ⁤issues directly with her children when they arise can⁣ turn them into ​teachable moments. ⁢She also emphasizes the importance of open communication and setting boundaries in guiding her children’s use of technology.

Many parents have ‍taken to TikTok to explain why they choose⁤ to go through ‌their children’s phones, which has received criticism from those who ⁢believe‍ it​ is not the right thing to do. However, in​ Muse’s household, her children have come to appreciate‌ her involvement in their ⁤digital lives. She sees her interventions not as a breach of privacy but as a way to nurture and protect ⁢her children.

Credit: Leon Neal / Getty.

What ‌are your thoughts on ​this⁣ approach?​ Have you⁣ or​ would you do ‍the same with your ⁢own children? ‍Let us ⁣know in the comments below!

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