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Regretting My Wife’s Heartless Act: Throwing My Mother Out Like a Stray Dog

After the death of‌ his father, a man⁢ invites his mother⁣ to live with him‍ and his wife. However, his wife begins to mistreat his mother and eventually kicks her out without his knowledge. Fortunately, fate has a different plan for ‌the mother and son.

Have you ever seen those⁤ sweet couples who have been ‌together for decades, like the‌ ones in movies? Well, my parents were one of those couples.

They were married for 42 years,‌ until my father’s passing.​ It goes ⁤without saying that my mother was ⁢devastated. I had been preparing for this day, as my ‌father had been sick for a long time. But I was worried about my mother’s well-being.

Couple talking about his mother moving in after his father died | Source: Pexel

As soon as my father passed away, I⁢ invited my mother to come live with ‌my wife, Karine, and me. I knew ‌it was the right thing to do, but ⁣I also knew that there could be complications, ⁣especially with Karine. But my mother needed ⁣me, and I couldn’t leave her‌ alone.

My gut feeling was correct. From the beginning,⁢ my wife was not happy with ​the arrangement. On the first day my‌ mother moved in, Karine asked me, ⁤”This isn’t a permanent situation, is it?”

I was hoping my mother and wife would getting along well | Source: Unsplash

“Karine, my mother needs me. If it becomes necessary, she ⁣will stay here for ‌as long as​ she needs,” I replied.

As the days went by, tensions⁣ between⁤ my wife⁢ and mother grew. Karine had her own way of​ doing things and would become upset if⁣ anyone questioned her ⁤methods, especially when it came⁢ to‍ household chores.

I started calling my mother’s friends to find some answers. | Source: Unsplash

My mother, on ​the other hand, had a kind heart and always had ⁢good intentions. One day, she offered to help Karine organize and clean the ​kitchen. “Hey Karine, this place could ⁤use some attention. Would you like⁤ to ‍clean it together?”

Karine snapped back, “Don’t tell me how to take ⁢care of my own ​house!”

At first, I⁣ didn’t think this would be a problem, knowing my wife’s personality. But the arguments and tension continued. One evening, we were having dinner together and my mother said, “I hope I ‌live ⁣long enough to see my grandchildren.”

“Excuse me, but ‌that is⁤ none of your business,” ‍replied Karine. I ‍knew ⁢something was wrong. The following week,​ I⁣ had to go on⁣ a business trip and I hoped that my wife and mother would become friends⁤ while I was away.

It was time for Karine to leave. | Source: Pexel

But I couldn’t have been more wrong…

When I returned a week later, I was shocked to ⁣find that ⁢my mother was nowhere to be found. ⁤”Darling, where ‍is my mother?” I ⁣asked Karine.

“You won’t believe it, but she said she​ was⁣ feeling better and wanted to live on her own again!” Karine replied, handing me⁣ a card.​ “She‍ left this for you.”

The card read: “Honey,⁤ I’m tired of missing your father. Don’t come looking for me, I want‍ to start a new life!”

“What the hell? This doesn’t sound like my mother at all!” I was outraged.‍ “Karine, do you know what happened?”

“That’s all ⁤I know, darling,” she replied.

I knew something wasn’t right,​ so I⁣ began to search for my mother. I called all of her friends, but none of them knew‌ anything about her plans or thought that her behavior was out of character. ⁢I even checked all of the hospitals, ⁢but she wasn’t in any of ​them. As I was driving ​around the⁣ city, wondering what to do next, my intuition told me to go to our old‍ family home where ⁣we used to live many years ago.

When I arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mother was sleeping ‌on a bench, using‌ a newspaper as a blanket.​ It turned out ‍that Karine had taken my mother for a drive and then kicked‍ her out of ‍the car without any ⁢money, like a stray dog. She had also told ‌my mother,‌ “You‌ are in the way of ⁢my happiness.⁤ Your place is next to your husband!”

When my mother saw me, ⁣she was ​relieved. We cried and hugged each other. ‌”I ‍had nowhere else to go, but​ I knew you ⁣would⁢ find me, my son. I ‌could feel it!”

That day, I kicked my wife out, just as she had done to ‍my mother. Before ‌she left, I told her, “I never could have imagined that I was married to a ​monster!”

Karine looked at us with no remorse‌ and said,⁢ “I should have taken her‌ to⁤ the woods,” ​before slamming the door behind⁣ her.

Although Karine physically left, the​ damage she had caused remained. For a while, I had⁤ difficulty trusting women, even though I had met many ⁤incredible and loving women. ⁢But the problem was with me, not⁢ with them. A year ⁣after the incident with Karine and my mother, ⁢I decided to see a therapist.

Therapy​ helped me ‌heal from my wounds, and a few months later, I⁣ met Lisa. We fell in love immediately,⁣ and I knew I could trust her. She not ‌only loved me, but she also loved my‍ mother. Lisa became pregnant, and‌ my mother ​was overjoyed to take care of her adorable granddaughter.

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