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Shocking Claims Spark Fiery Response from Dan Bongino: Joy Behar Exposed as ‘Dumb Fraud

Dan ⁣Bongino Slams Joy‌ Behar for Ignorant Comments on Capitol Riot and Antifa

Dan Bongino (Credit: YouTube)

Conservative talk radio host Dan Bongino did not hold back when responding⁤ to Joy Behar’s recent comments on the January 6 Capitol riot and​ Antifa. During an ​episode of The View, Behar claimed that she would be scared if she were surrounded by pro-Trump insurrectionists, but not if they were radical leftist ‌protesters like Antifa. Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino ⁤Show and Unfiltered with ‍Dan Bongino on Fox News, called Behar a “dumb fraud” for her remarks.

Bongino pointed out ‍that Antifa is‌ not a fictitious entity, as Behar claimed, and cited the case of a Patriot Prayer ‍member who was ‌killed by a known Antifa supporter in Oregon. He also criticized ‍Behar for her lack of knowledge and understanding, stating that she is “frankly kinda dumb.”

Joy Behar (Credit: Screenshot)

The conservative host then explained the difference between conservative and radical leftist protesters, stating that ‌conservatives have an “emergency brake” on their behavior due ⁤to⁢ their values of faith, family, and God-given rights. On the other ‌hand, Bongino argued that radical leftists are “obsessed with power⁢ and ⁤violence” and have no regard for ​God-given rights.

Bongino also ‍called out Behar for⁢ her comments on the‌ possibility of a Republican governor in her home state of New York, where she expressed concern about policies being overturned and Trump ⁢being pardoned. He questioned her ‍sanity and criticized her‍ for​ being a “fraud” who only cares about her own interests.

Aaron Danielson was reportedly killed by an Antifa member in Portland, Oregon (Credit: GoFundMe)

In addition to his verbal response, Bongino shared a video on ⁤his Facebook page of an ‌emotional interview with Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr., whose​ 19-year-old son was killed‌ in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone in 2020. Bongino ⁢emphasized that the chaos in blue cities is a⁣ result of the left’s desire for chaos,‌ and shared the heartbreaking story of Anderson’s loss.

Thankfully, after over a year on the run, the suspect in Anderson’s killing has been arrested. Bongino pointed out that​ this tragedy could have been prevented if the city⁤ of Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington⁣ had not‌ been negligent ​and incompetent. He expressed⁢ his sympathy for the Anderson family and their loss, and emphasized the importance of faith during difficult times.

Dan Bongino blasted Joy Behar over her Antifa remarks (Credit: Screenshot)

In conclusion, Dan Bongino strongly condemned Joy Behar’s ​ignorant and misguided comments ⁢on the Capitol riot and Antifa, and highlighted the devastating consequences of the left’s actions. He ⁣also emphasized the importance of faith⁣ and family values in guiding one’s behavior.

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